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The Nature of Living Well

There is a heart beat to nature that all of us are directly tied to every day. The very air we breathe comes from this very life force shared with us from nature herself. I think there is a very profound and beautiful reason nature is referred to as motherly because of it. When we capture this very intricate detail to our own heartbeat we realize the nature of living well. It becomes a powerful energy that can literally move mountains.

When I think of living well it is impossible to consider doing so without nature. Of the times I felt the happiest in my life, most secure and even more fulfilled I have been surrounded by nature. My wedding day filled with wildflowers and outdoor pictures surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains and serenity of Cade’s Cove. The adoption of our son captured in photos of him exploring the backyard on a beautiful sunny afternoon with his stuffed Mickey and Minnie friends. Our entire lives are a woven masterpiece with nature in the center.

To live well to me means being happy, content and fulfilled, secure and comfortable. I feel free and untethered by the usually stresses of life. There is confidence and energy in my body that I get through what I need to but at the same time the burden of doing them doesn’t slow me down. My heart is bursting with good feelings. When I think of where I feel that the most often, these feelings of completeness and happiness it is when I’m outside, doing something I love, surrounded by people I love and we’re having fun. It is a feeling and it is completely natural to feel this way but I know there are plenty of times I don’t.

For the times I don’t feel like those shiny beautiful feelings, it is usually when there is too much going on in my life. Everything is stressful, overwhelming, burdensome and even frustrating. I am in situations that don’t don’t make me happy and I feel obligated about them. When I compare this to how I feel otherwise, this feels unnatural and that’s because it is. Contrary to all the adulting memes out there, feeling bad, lacking energy, not sleeping well, and feeling depressed is not natural. It is now how we were built and it is not how we should be feeling.

I believe that living well is obtainable to all of us and has nothing to do with what is in our bank accounts. It is when we feel good and the nature behind that is our own relationship with Mother Nature. Replacing what is not helping us feel this way whether that be products, relationships or even our job is essential to reconnecting to our own nature of feeling good and even being happy. The larger picture of that brings nature back into our life and shows us that nothing is worth our own happiness in this life.

The nature of living well is a theme I’m exploring all this month on the blog. It is an important topic I don’t think we talk enough about. More often we talk about what isn’t working in our life, how tired we are or how something is just stressful. We accept these conditions thinking that it just must be how life is and we need to muscle through it. I beg to differ because I know all of us, even if it has been forever since it happened, can recall a time we weren’t weighed down by these stresses in life. We remember a time when we were happy, had energy and dreams and were determined to live life on our terms. Somewhere that plan changed but now we find life weighs more than than it should and we probably do too.

That’s the funny thing about life. When we are feeling our best, things around us also seem to go better. We are not drawn to things like fast food and we drink more water even. We have energy to move our body and find the time we didn’t think we had to do something fun. We want fun too! It is not that the stressors go away per se but that we feel differently about them. There is a perspective about them that keeps them in check. Also, when things become too much we have the confidence to change them and work through that rebalancing to bring happiness back to us. If you were to ask me how to leverage the nature of living well to get more happiness in your life this is what I would say.

We all deserve to live well. It is a matter of our health, mental well-being and even our very quality of life that is all comes down to. How much of that are we willing to sacrifice and forego because of something someone tells us we should be doing or should be pursuing to have the perfect life later. I believe the nature of living well is right now, in this moment and today. It is not a future state of anything but rather what we do and feel right now that matters. How we feel right now is what influences what happens next, where we go, what we put up with and even if our dreams come true or not.

Living well naturally is about our own life being reclaimed and lived to the fullest. It is realizing nature’s role in that and using it to help us get there. Again, it doesn’t mean we won’t have a job or that we need to live off the grid in the woods but it does mean we become more in control of our own destiny. The nature of living well is what makes us the most happy in the most sincere, open and loving way there is. It is the feeling of Christmas morning every morning we wake up with the exhilaration that we cannot wait to get out of bed to start our day. In all honesty, when was the last time you felt like that?

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