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The Power of Lavender

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Lavender is easily the most popular scent in our products today. From cleaners to personal care items it is a tantalizing aroma we are naturally drawn to. We love this scent for it’s delicacy and pleasantness that brings about that moment of intentional pause to take it in.

I have a couple lavender plants in my backyard. It’s a pretty plant that draws the bees and butterflies. Even when not in bloom the plant leaves and stalks have that distinct aroma of lavender that is nice to encounter when you walk by it. I too have fallen for the ongoing use of lavender around the home because I just find it to be an easy scent to live with.

There is a difference in lavender however and not all of it is equal. From the products we use to the actual lavender plant it varies greatly in what it can be used for and what it will do.

Lavender Scented Products

Earlier in 2018 I posted a blog about lavender in our cleaners and personal care products, you can check it out here:

The use of chemical lavender scent is actually quite dangerous for us and can cause respiratory and skin irritations. While we all love this scent it is recommended we use caution if the scent is manufactured. You definitely do not want to ingest it or get it on your skin or eyes.

It is possible to enjoy the lavender scent and have it be safe for use and ingestion. The doTERRA Lavender essential oil comes from Bulgaria in soil that is chemical and pesticide free. The oil is steam distilled from the plant and then tested again for quality and purity. Using this oil to scent your home cleaners, apply to laundry wool balls or use as an air freshener is all possible and completely safe.

I apply 3 – 4 drops on each wool dryer ball before every 3rd load of laundry. Everything comes out with that wonderful delicate aroma and I don’t have to worry about it irritating our family’s skin or hurting the pets.

Lavender First Aid

Lavender is a natural antihistamine, antibacterial and sedative plant that when consolidated into an essential oil the benefits are increased tremendously. These qualities make lavender essential oil an important first aid kit item. This oil is gentle so it can be used directly on the skin for burns, including sunburns, scars, and wounds. Other medicinal uses include:

  1. Blister relief

  2. Cut and wound cleaning and healing

  3. Sliver removal

  4. Pink eye

  5. Nosebleeds

  6. Sunburns, burns and scar for pain relief and reduction of scars

  7. Colic

  8. High blood pressure

  9. Migraine and headache pain

  10. Bug bites

  11. Hives

  12. Allergies

  13. Hay Fever

  14. Child fever

  15. PMS support

  16. Sleep

  17. Anxiety

  18. Stress

  19. Teeth grinding

Applying this oil to the skin where needed to deal with a physical need or to the feet bottoms, back of the neck or along the spine for emotional and hormonal needs works perfectly. It is a gently oil that can be used without dilution or with dilution for small children and those with skin sensitivities.

Using Our Voice

Lavender is known for its support to calm, soothe and support restful states. It is known as the Oil of Communication and Calm. This simple little plant gets that name because of it’s ability to get us to a relaxed state where we can calmly think and speak our own truth.

When we feel blocked in our communication or are afraid of speaking up because of rejection lavender can help us navigate those times. Often when we are afraid to say something we play different scenarios about how something will turn out and think the worse. We don’t like being hurt or causing pain to others so often that will prevent us from saying what needs to be said or feeling we are unheard with no value. Using lavender in these situations helps us find the way to express our thoughts and feelings and come from a place of honesty.

Applying a drop of doTERRA Lavender essential oil to the throat, temples and back of neck provides the support we need in these situations.

Lavender Supporters

When using lavender in a diffuser there are other oils it works very well with to increase benefits.

  1. Spearmint for clearing mind and working through messaging and communication complexities

  2. Serenity for increased sleep and rest support as well as anxiety and depression

  3. Clary Sage for PMS and hormonal support

  4. Frankincense for anxiety and stress

  5. Tangerine for clearing and opening airways

  6. Wild Orange for focused thought and meditation

  7. Peppermint and Lemon for allergy and congestion support

Interested in more?

Upgrade your lavender to a doTERRA Lavender essential oil for maximum benefit and uses! This oil is so versatile for many health and home needs that it is impossible not to find a way to use.

If you have questions about the doTERRA Lavender please reach out!

You can get doTERRA Lavender right here! Convenient, pure and economical the doTERRA Lavender is well worth trying. Click here:

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