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The Process of Living Naturally Well

There is this marketing technique that is entirely aimed at getting you to buy something because you are made to believe it will fix your problem. This product will make things better, you will be happier and all it took was you pulling out your credit card to purchase this thing to make whatever problem you had be magically gone. Many of us have fallen for that and have piles of things we thought were the answers to things we wanted better and fixed in our lives. Most of the time those products didn’t work either at making us happier or the problem going away.

When there is something uncomfortable, annoying or even painful in our life, we want instant fixes. We want it to go away so we can focus on the other things in our life. If only I could lose this 20 pounds so I could fit into my favorite jeans and look better I would have friends or find love. If only my face would stop breaking out then I could not be so shy about going for that promotion at work. If only then maybe is so often tied to bigger things than the problem we are describing. It is tied to our very happiness, lifestyle and things we crave in our life. The problem often though isn’t what we are describing or what we think will make life better.

This is where marketer’s have cashed in big on our pain points. They know all about our annoyances with that lingering 20 pounds, face breakouts, loneliness and boredom. They know we want results face so they craft messages like in 30 days or less you can see results too. In just 30 minutes it can be at your door. At the touch of your finger to your purchase now button you can feel better so do it now! Here’s the big fat truth of it all though, none of that is true because it isn’t natural. That 20 pounds you’re carrying around is also likely not because you need some special pill or expensive piece of workout equipment in your home to lose it overnight. It is

I believe the secret pill we need is becoming aware of our own need to live more naturally true to ourselves. When we bring back this level of awareness we stop falling for the product scams that are not helping us actually fix our problems. Instead I believe it is at this point we not only fully own our problems but we see much more easily how we can resolve them and resolve them for good. This helps us get to the right products we actually need and see results. Now wouldn’t that be nice to actually spend money on things that were exactly right for us and leveraged the power we have to fix it one time!

The process of living more naturally starts with us realizing just how fooled we have all become with what products do for us in in our life. The product is just the tool but the work for any change we want to make in our life, starts with our own mindset. It is our desire for change that is then fueled by our willingness to put in the effort to change. When we stop counting on products to do the work for us and actually consider their role is to support our work we see results. The best example I can share is when it comes to essential oils. Using the oil and thinking it will fix our digestive problems is great but when we actually improve our diet as well as using the oils that’s when we see manifested real changes occur.

When I hear someone say a natural product doesn’t work, I know there is more to it. Like many other things we buy we think just by using it the change will occur but we have a major role in that too. We need to change behaviors, habits, eat better, invest in time to work out and more to support the work that oil or natural product is trying to do for us. The natural product, or any product for that matter, can’t do the work itself and will only carry us so far in the process of resolving problems. If someone comes to me with a question of what they need to use to lose 20 pounds, I’m going to recommend natural oils and products to help but I’m also going to ask what other changes they are doing to support what these products will do for them.

It is a partnership between what we do and what we use that makes the difference in success of goals and resolution of our problems. The best means to achieving that is unlocking our own power in living more naturally and letting go of the unrealistic popularity there is a magic pill and other instantaneous means to fixing things. Lifelong resolutions are possible and I believe more meaningful when we use the natural process and tools to making them better intentionally.

If you ready to learn the process of living naturally and finding things that actually work, visit my website at

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