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The Questions You Should Ask Before You Join

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

We belong to a bunch of things in our life. Our family, community, church, book clubs, sports clubs, social media groups, companies we work for and so on. Some of these we eagerly joined and actively pursued to be included. Others we fell into or had to think long and hard if it was the right group for us to belong in. At times we left groups because they don’t fit our needs anymore or perhaps we learned it wasn’t exactly what we were looking for or it didn’t align to what we believe in.

It takes time to find a group you feel comfortable in and that you know is right for you. Take for instance when you are looking for a new job and you spend hours upon hours researching roles and companies looking for the one that best fits what you want and need. Doesn’t it feel incredibly fulfilling when we have the power to choose what is right for us, what feels the best and what we believe is good for us rather than having to take what is offered because we have to and it’s the only thing available? We don’t always have the luxury of choice in some of these situations, like choosing a job, and that is really unfortunate.

We like to make our own choices. We like to feel in control of our own lives and going forward with things that are truly aligned with our spirits, needs and desires. When that happens we are highly motivated to do our best, give our best and support that group in any way we can to the greater cause and purpose that we believe benefits everyone. When we are passionate and fulfilled by a group our energy and attention is always higher because it is important to us.

When it comes to direct sales how do you know if it is the right group, product and company for you?

Is it Right for You?

You may never have thought of yourself as a business owner or entrepreneur. You may have thought there is no way you could take on the responsibilities of running your own business or that you had the skills to know what to do. You may never have had the dream of being your own boss or what that could even mean to your life. But one day someone asks you and you pause to consider it.

I used to laugh when someone would ask if I wanted to learn more about their products and starting my own business. I used to brush it off and think that it wasn’t for me. Why would I want to spend my weekends and free spare moments working a second job? I didn’t have time for that! While I had a lot of business skills and there were times I didn’t care for my boss I just didn’t really ever think about having my own business. It was something “other people” did. I needed a sure thing and being my own boss didn’t seem like it was the answer, until one day I decided why not!

Most people go into direct sales without a bunch of thought to why. They hear they can make a few hundred or even several thousands of dollars without much effort, it sounds easy and so they sign up. They don’t think about this as a real small business and what that will involve to generate that few hundred dollars of income or how long that may take or what kind of time commitment it may involve. .

Many of us will be asked if we are interested in become our own bosses but before you do consider:

  • Is this something you really want to do?

  • Does it make sense for you financially, professionally and soulfully?

  • Does it align to where you want to go in your life?

  • What do you want to accomplish with this small business?

  • What skills do you have and where will you need training?

  • Are you really all in?

  • Are these products you actually use?

The beauty of direct sales is you can make it what you want. It can be as small or as big as you make it to be. If you don’t have a lot of time and just want something little on the side, it’s perfect! If you want to run a multi-million dollar company of your own, it’s perfect! However, you still have to make the commitment to treat it like a business of your very own. It’s up to you how big, successful, accomplished, recognized, and sustainable it all becomes.

The important part is making sure it is a product or service you believe in and use yourself. That the company is strong, dependable and has a good reputation. That you are unashamed to take this step forward and set up a small business of your own that you can grow from the ground up.

Will it be a Hobby or Business

Hobbies cost money. We happily spend money on the things we love to tinker with, create, design, use or have in our lives. Even if we don’t have the money per se we find a way to finagle something to make sure our hobbies are supported. It’s important to have hobbies because it keeps us active, creative, imaginative, and inspired. Hobbies make us feel good!

When you have a hobby with a direct sales business you are your own best customer. You invest in the products and services from that company every month with little coming back to you in return to cover your expenses. This is perfectly fine as long as you are loving the products and using them but it’s important to realize it is a hobby at this time.

I love making quilts. It’s time that feeds my soul and over the years my skills at creating them has improved. Periodically I will make quilts to give as gifts and have even sold a few. As much fun as it would be to make quilts all the time and sell them to people who will cherish them forever, I realize it is just a hobby. I’m excited when I’m asked to make a quilt for someone and they pay me for it but I’ve not been able to replace my income making quilts. I also have not made more than I spend on the fabrics, threads and my time to put these quilts together. It is a hobby. A hobby I love but still very much just a hobby. Maybe one day that will change but I accept it as a beloved way I love spending my time for now.

My Dragonspit Apothecary & Crafts business includes doTERRA natural products and oils. Yes, my quilts are sold through this business but the income produced overall comes from the doTERRA products. That’s the income that will eventually replace my career and make more than I invest in it. In just the few years I’ve been doing this, that has proven true. While it is still small, it produces income and my return on investment continues to grow.

A business produces income that is greater than what you invest to operate it. Upfront you will have to invest more than you get out of it in terms of money and time but if you’re going to make it from a hobby to a business you have to apply the strategies and skills to convert that into income producing activities. These activities and skills need to show trends that your investment of money and time is showing a profit at some point.

Most small businesses fail within 5 years because they have not generated enough income to be profitable. The 5 year mark tends to be the point when we have exhausted our funds, time commitment, interest and willpower to continue. If you want to beat these odds you have to be all in, all the time and continually work to figure out how to grow your business.

What Do You Want Out of It?

Before you sign your name. Before you get excited about it. Before you tell anyone. Before you do anything start with what you want to get out of this business.

  • Are you looking to replace your current job or career?

  • Are you wanting to have a few hundred extra dollars every month for extras or to help pay down debt?

  • Where do you want this business to be in 5 years?

  • Why do you want to start a business now?

  • Do you love the product and would you use it regardless of being in business distributing it?

There is no rush and contrary to the pressure a direct sales representative may apply you have all the time you need to make the right decision to you. Think through the opportunity and move forward when it is right for you.

Interested in more?

Taking on the question to join when it comes to starting a business is a big question. Considering the challenges, goals and reasons for doing it help you determine if this is the right opportunity for you and when to act on it. Without these considerations you could easily end up frustrated, overwhelmed and feel like a failure before you even had the chance to make it successful.

Finding the right company, product and team are super important for direct sales success. It doesn’t have to be a pressure cooker of stress and chaos! If you have questions or would like information about doTERRA please reach out. I’m happy to help you in any way I can to help you make the right decision for you.

If you’re ready to start your natural health journey and a small business to help others with 100% pure natural products we would love to have you! Start with one of incredible business packs that contain all you need for a successful launch and fast tracked success!

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