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The Road to Being Your Own Boss

Not to bust anyone’s dream bubble but there’s a lot of work involved with being in your own business. There is a long road between the idea of starting a business and seeing your first profitable month. There is even a longer road to having a viable income you can live on from your business. That road can seem so long you’re not sure you’re even moving towards it at times. While you’re working to make that happen you’re probably also working a full time job to keep money coming in to live and invest in your business which means you’re tired too. The road to the dream is one of the hardest, ugliest, loneliest roads you may ever travel.

Yet it is a road many of us will pass and decide if it is for us. We may pass it several times and wonder if now is the right time. It may look exciting and sound fun but we may also see risks that we may not know how to fix. We may even start down that road at times and then back away because we’re not ready for it or decide we don’t want it anymore. We may go down it and feel we’re not moving in progress and give up. We may fail and we may succeed. This road is one of risk and reward but its not for everyone.

When I tell people they can also help people live naturally doing what I do I see the look of panic in their eyes. I see the no on their lips before they say it. Most do say no and it is alright. It is not a road that is for everyone and I recognize it may not be the right time for some to consider it. It is a commitment that may not fit right for their current situation. All of these are alright and I would never pressure someone into doing something that wasn’t right for them. After all I teach and promote living in alignment naturally for what is right for you and that makes this something each of us can decide.

The problems come in when someone has bought into a false aspect of what it means to work in direct sales and what are the realistic scenarios that are likely to occur. There are always people in any business that will try to take advantage of another for their own gain. It’s happened to everyone and the outcome is we become more cautious the next time something looks, feels or smells like before. Over time the idea you can be your own boss, make your own schedule and get rich has over promised and significantly under-delivered to millions of people who signed up. It has resulted in a bad image and taste for many who would be unwilling to consider doing it again.

Here’s the truth about all of it.

  • You can get very rich and you can also not make much at all

  • Most of the time success in this type of business has little to do with how much work you put into it and more about how consistent you are

  • These are not scams or schemes but there are people who will take advantage of you just to get ahead, including stealing your ideas. You have to practice smart business skills

  • There is no need to use pressure sales techniques and just sell to your family & friends

  • Listen to the advice of others and then apply what is right for you

  • Every single business that exists whether retail chain or MLM sells a product or service. If you don’t sell anything you’re not a business because there is not a trade for goods or services for money. Don’t let anyone ever tell you direct sales is not a real business

  • There is no timetable for when you should reach a milestone, rank, income level or statusThere is no one way to do this business; there is only your way that matters

  • This is not your grandma’s direct sales business

The ability to create something of your own and find a unique way that is perfect for you is one of the best reasons to try direct sales. That’s what makes the road special, fun, worthwhile and personal. When it gets lonely or things are not going so great you have tremendous power to change the result. Everything good or not so good that happens is within your control and responsibility. That is being your own boss. This is more than a cute hashtag that says #girlboss. It is your chance to experience freedom in a way you cannot in any other situation where you earn money.

You become your own unicorn in many ways through this process. You see yourself differently and you redefine what fits you. It’s a transformation that can build your strength and confidence giving you wisdom and courage to do something different in life. Every business owner that exists will tell you that success for them has come when they became more of who they really are.

Make your own path forward.

To find out if this is a road right for you take the free New Leader Assessment. This offers you insights into defining what is on this road for you.

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