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The Seedy Underbelly of Network Marketing

Network marketing has been compared to the triangular shape of a pyramid where the only people who get involved in this sort of arrangement are stay at home moms and those that want to take advantage of the average hard working individual.

This idea being someone at the top recruits a few people to distribute for them, they in turn recruit a few and so on. The guy at the top rakes in all the money and the rest eke out meager earnings keeping them hungry and motivated.  This image has been instilled as general acceptance in our society for how network marketing works and unfortunately has created this angst about purchasing, working with and being a part of the network marketing industry.

A large part of that angst comes from the push to be part of the “opportunity.”  Every time there is a sale, hesitation over cost or other potential interest then there can be an attempt to convert the person into being a distributor. At every home party there is a bit about how you too could enjoy selling quality products to others and paying for your own in the process.  It can feel like there is always this underlying scheme that the person just really wants you to sign up as a member of their team and help sell their product. The sale is actually just a door opening for this much more important element and the “real” reason behind them selling this product to you. Knowing you are going to be approached about this “opportunity” makes individuals hesitant to look at the products or services and quickly run away when they do purchase something.  The general opinion is all network marketing works this way.

The “opportunity” push devalues the product and is the cause of some ruined relationships. It’s really a shame given that there are some really incredible products available through network marketing companies.

Unfortunately, this “opportunity” push continues to be present as an underlying element of network marketing sales. There are some network marketing companies who require the distributor to maintain a certain volume each month or be recruiting others to a certain level to retain their active account or rank. There are still other network marketing companies who have leaders that push this message of recruitment onto their team making it more about recruiting than selling. The end result of both of these situations is the distrust of customers, loss of business and ultimate fail points in being able to be successful in this business.

Thankfully not all network marketing companies are the same!

I work with doTERRA as a Wellness Advocate, i.e., distributor. There were several reasons I went with this particular network marketing company.

  1. I love the products and we use them in our home every day

  2. Selling doTERRA aligns with some personal financial goals I have for diversifying our family’s income

  3. The doTERRA message and culture is much, much different than I saw with other network marketing companies

I will not say the horror stories of pushing the opportunity do not exist in doTERRA because they do. BUT… those are isolated instances and not at all aligned with the doTERRA messaging and culture that say the opposite of how it works with them. The majority of Wellness Advocates, like me, subscribe to the larger message of not pushing others to distribute or even buy doTERRA oils and products.

My approach to selling doTERRA is this:

  1. I spend the majority of time sharing information about doTERRA oils and products, what they are, what you can use them for and how they work. There are multiple ways I do that including this blog, other social media, Facebook Live classes and etc.

  2. I share how I use them in my life, in my family and in our home again through a multitude of channels and mediums

  3. I research questions people ask me about conditions, symptoms or concerns they have and want to know if there is a natural way to support or improve their health or something they do in their life

  4. I will share samples of oils either by sending samples from my own personal oils or giving away products through my Facebook Live classes or through other promotional means

  5. My classes are on topics ranging from what the oils are, how to use them, what you can make with them, why quality matters in oils, emotional and physical support considerations and again some personal information about what I do with them. I say upfront and throughout the class there is no obligation to purchase or enroll but if you are interested to please let me know and I’ll help you.

  6. I create small ads sharing the specials and incentives doTERRA has in a month

In the time I’ve been doing this, I have never, repeat never, said to someone you MUST enroll to sell doTERRA.

The truth is you don’t have to.

You can receive the very same benefits I do as a Wholesale Customer and not have the hassle of selling it or having someone bug you about selling it.

If you’re looking for a little extra cash or want to start a side business it’s worth looking at but it’s certainly not a requirement for enjoying doTERRA. When I will bring up the “opportunity” about the business is when:

  1. Someone asks me about it

  2. They express an interest in starting a side hustle or are looking for different work

  3. They are sharing or talking about their oils with their friends and sending me referrals in which case I’ll tell them they could be getting paid for that and if they’re interested great but if not I send them a nice gift for the referral

Other than that I don’t bother you.

I will periodically ask how you’re liking your oils and if you have questions but otherwise you’re a happy customer and I’m a happy distributor.  There may be lots in this business who disagree with that approach but it works for me and I’ve not lost any customers or friends because of it.


Interested in more?

If you would like to know more about essential oils, please let me know. I’m happy to answer questions and help you find the oils that are perfect for you.

If you’d like to learn about the doTERRA business opportunity I’m also happy to share information about that as well. The people on my team are like me. We don’t push or stalk. I’m very clear about that with everyone upfront so if that’s your style I will recommend other options to you. We share if there’s interest and genuinely care about our relationships with others over that of sales and volume. If you’re interested in experiencing a different kind of network marketing approach, where we emphasize relationships and service, please let me know.

We would love to have you as a customer or fellow advocate.

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