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The Wisdom in Living Well

I believe there is a wisdom in living well. Some people seem to have figured this out and you can almost feel this energy around them that something is just different. Most of us are just trying to get through the day or week so we can catch up on the other stuff in our life or consider having a life at all. It can at times seem that this wisdom escapes some of us and we are left to deal with the remnants of challenge and strife otherwise known as reality. Well I personally am tired of the scaps and want more.

This entire concept of living well is incredibly inviting. It seems like a place where I could relax, not worry as much about things in my life and maybe even do something crazy like have time for self-care. Seriously, who are these people who practice self-care Sundays? I’ll tell you who; it is the people who have found this wisdom in living well. It all ties back to this mysterious secret that some have discovered and some have not.

What I’m describing here are these people who don’t seem to let anything bother them. They have a handle of all things like a maestro at the head of a well practiced orchestra. What do they have that I don’t besides my extra 50 pounds and a screaming boss about another thing not done fast enough? Any chance I get I want to take a nap and here they are wistfully enjoying play time with their children and doing all the things from Pinterest. So seriously what is this wisdom that I can’t seem to comprehend?

The wisdom in living well is in realizing we all can have it. I know I rolled my eyes at that too but this happens to be the truth. We all possess the wisdom necessary to live well. The difference is in knowing how to leverage it to create that in our own life. It is choosing to no longer check out and sleep it away but rather to take the hard look at what’s not working and changing it. It can be as simple as that to begin and from there it becomes one of these magical carpet rides to a better life. So if we all have this wisdom why don’t more of us use it?

That really is the big question isn’t it? We don’t need a shaman or wizard to tell us what we need is already within our hands. What we really need is for someone to show us how to wield it’s power and actually use it. From my own experience the other hard truth of it is we already have this answer too. The problem is most of us feel like we are too tired to do it and think there must be an easier way. As a result we give up the hope of possible and just suck it up where we are. Who needs a nice life anyway? Isn’t living well overrated?

That was rather a uninspiring answer wasn’t it? I know when I realized it, I had really hoped it would also come with a manual called Living Well for Dummies and a get started quick reference checklist. It didn’t and there are times I really have to push to keep the momentum going. Getting there may not be easy but giving up won’t get you there any faster. It all starts and ends with our own willingness to not give up on ourselves and our dreams.

What I have learned on my own quest of this living well is I had been pursuing the wrong things at times. My view of the living well picture was discolored with things that seemed like they would make life nice. You know, that big corporate job with big salary that afforded a lifestyle that made everything comfortable. What I found was having meant being in a relentless race that never gave up until you gave in. It was constant stress, sleepless nights, heartburn and weight gain that never got under control. It was missing time with my family including the first day of school and just making dinner together on a weeknight.

There is more to life than fancy houses with big mortgages that cause us to need jobs that take us from everything we are working for that is important. All those nice comfortable lifestyle things are built on sandy ground that go away when you can’t keep up anymore. I realized it wasn’t the job or house that made life comfortable or even remotely categorized under living well. It was me. Me being me and feeling my best every day so that I could give my best to those I love the most. It was changing everything about what it means to live well and actually doing the living well part instead of waiting for it in some future point in time.

See the entire wisdom of living well is based on now. It is this very moment in time. If you’re reading this not feeling well, lacking energy, hiding from the stress of your day then my friend you are not living well. No matter what anyone else tells you, if you’re not feeling your best in this moment than you’re not living your best life either. Sure there will be days that are not so great but at the end of the day if we can’t put our head on our pillows and think how lucky we are then we are missing out!

I personally think the key message in the wisdom in living well is connecting back to nature. It is rekindling the very fiber of our being to what is real and that wildly is felt in all our senses. Anything less is fake. Plain and simple. If it doesn’t light you up and set your senses alive with flavors, colors, aromas and emotions of happiness and excitement move on and do it quickly!

We all know life is too short yet many of us are wasting years of our life in jobs that just beat us down and leave us with nothing but worry and stress if they will be there in the morning. Why are not more of us asking if we want them to be there in the morning instead? The moment we choose to stop being a victim in our own life is the gateway to tapping into this wisdom that leads us to living well. We owe it to ourselves to see what is behind that door and take the chance for the life that could be beyond our dreams. It is like shedding layers of clothing until we are bare naked and feeling pure freedom through every fiber of our being. That is the sensation that comes when we start using the wisdom of living well.

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