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What a Win Tastes Like

If a win had a taste what would it be like for you? Can you see what it looks like and imagine the victory of the win being celebrated? Is there confetti falling all around you with cheers and congratulations being tossed freely? Is there music playing and are there balloons and streamers?

Taking it all in, breathe in the sweetness of the air and see what is around you?

What is that feeling?

What does that experience taste like?

Whenever I would complete a major project in my professional career I would have in the fridge at home a bottle of my favorite pink champagne. It’s not expensive champagne but it’s just one I personally like. Long after the celebrations at work over a job well done are over, I most looked forward to coming home, opening the spare fridge in our garage and pulling out the bottle I was saving just for this occassion. For me a win tastes of sweet bubbles and is slightly pink in color. It is delicate and beautiful. A win taste of wildness and sweetness bundled in one. It is both decadance and simplicity.

What does a win taste like to you?

How a Win Feels

In the movies a win is realized after a long fought conflict that leaves us wondering if the hero will make it when all looks bleak. Yet in the final moments when all seems lost this character rises up and overcomes his foe. There is a victorious win. We cheer. We cry. We feel part of this journey rooting for them all the while.

Wins in our life can sometimes feel as dramatic as the movies. Putting in long hours to your business, going to countless meetings and hearing hundreds of nos yet you win. You felt like a quitting a thousand times but you didn’t. You swore, cried, felt beat up and rejected but you pressed on. You changed things, you created new things, you tried and tried again. Then there is a sale. There is positive volume for the month. There is profit. Your blood, sweat and tears paid off when you continued to rise against the odds.

In both the movies and our own wins there is a common thread of hope. Along the way we struggled, it felt impossible and we didn’t know how it would happen but we had hope. We never gave up that hope that in the end it would turn out ok. We pushed, pulled, twisted, bended, and shifted continuously putting in all that we had.

Winning comes from never giving up the hope and continuing to try despite the odds. It feels of victory, accomplishment and of overcoming.

The Will to Keep Getting Up

The movies rarely show the other possibility where the hero doesn’t rise and win. No matter how many times that character is knocked down they get back up. They may take some time heal, sort things out, condition and train but count on them getting back in the ring to go another round.

We know sometimes in life that we too will be knocked down. We will feel the sting of rejection, the coldness of a no-show and the promises that are left unfilled. We will hear every reason known as to why and we will need to all the while try to keep it in perspective. These dings, hurts, disappointments and challenges are the part where we are continually getting knocked down. It can seem like it may never end either but I promise you it will.

I remember telling my upline that I made $19.26 one month after volume was just terrible and I had more cancellations and no-shows than I could ever recall. I spend hours each month working on this blog, creating cute social media posts, and providing excellent service to all my customers but in the end I came up way short compared to what I had put into my business that month. It was deflating and I seriously asked myself if it was worth it. The effort I had put in was worth way more than that $19.26 that I received in commission. Yet at the start of the new month I got up and tried again.

I took that $19.26 and invested it into my business. It certainly didn’t go far but I used every penny and stretched them as far as I could. It wasn’t much but I was going to make sure it worked as hard as I did and would count for something in this new month. My next month’s earnings were double. Still not noteworthy but double. A small victory predicated on the hope that I could figure this out and absolutely could get up and try again. You can bet that I did open a bottle of my favorite pink champagne in recognition of that small achievement. A win is still a win no matter how small.

Interested in more?

So many people give up before they have won. The fight and willpower to keep going can be a large lift sometimes. That is exactly why you need a strong support team like me in your corner. You are not in your business alone ever.

If you’re ready to feel what a win tastes like then join me! Having a natural health business that is founded on solid tools and support puts the odds in your favor. You can rise up and you can win. I’ll bring the pink champagne to celebrate with you! Let’s get started by clicking here:

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