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What a Win Tastes Like

Posted on September 18, 2019 by dragonspitapothecary

If a win had a taste what would it be like for you? Can you see what it looks like and imagine the victory of the win being celebrated? Is there confetti falling all around you with cheers and congratulations being tossed freely? Is there music playing and are there balloons and streamers?

Taking it all in, breathe in the sweetness of the air and see what is around you?

What is that feeling?

What does that experience taste like?

Whenever I would complete a major project in my professional career I would have in the fridge at home a bottle of my favorite pink champagne. It’s not expensive champagne but it’s just one I personally like. Long after the celebrations at work over a job well done are over, I most looked forward to coming home, opening the spare fridge in our garage and pulling out the bottle I was saving just for this occassion. For me a win tastes of sweet bubbles and is slightly pink in color. It is delicate and beautiful. A win taste of wildness and sweetness bundled in one. It is both decadance and simplicity.

What does a win taste like to you?

How a Win Feels

In the movies a win is realized after a long fought conflict that leaves us wondering if the hero will make it when all looks bleak. Yet in the final moments when all seems lost this character rises up and overcomes his foe. There is a victorious win. We cheer. We cry. We feel part of this journey rooting for them all the while.