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What I Know About Natural Wisdom

Wisdom is this funny thing that can be so subjective and yet at the same time distinct and timeless. Not all wisdom is meant for everyone or maybe it is depending on where you are in your life and when you are ready to hear wise words to guide you. What I know about wisdom is it is like an old tattered sack filled with mystic things that you can pull out when you most need it to come through your journey successfully.

If the story books I have read to my son are true, owls are the wisest of us all. I have no idea where this idea came from but it is a curious one. These patient and practiced hunters who observe quietly waiting for the perfect moment to demonstrate their power and prowess. They give us a symbol of strength, endurance and practiced wisdom of a skill to survive in the wilderness. Even if owls are not the wisest or wear manacles while puffing out their chests to share what they know, I think having the symbol that natural wisdom exists is quite wise after all.

By natural wisdom I do mean understanding the very essence of nature itself and letting it be our guide in life. To me, this includes all the things from watching the leaves turn to understand seasons in our own life to supporting our health and wellness. What I know about natural wisdom is it has never lacked answers or teachings we can apply to even our modern high tech lives. Nature is the one constant in all of mankind’s existence and through these thousands of years it has been resilient, strong, reliable and wise in what it can do for us even if we just stop to enjoy it for a few moments.

What I know about wisdom is we so often discount what is right in front of us preferring to believe we know better. The honest truth I believe is nature and man knowledge should blend more than they do. Being able to leverage what is already abundant in our world to support our lives and then building from that seems so logical, practical and even dare I say it… wise. Yet we do so much to damage nature and as a result damage ourselves further. What I know about natural wisdom is we cannot exist without it and should do more to preserve and protect it.

Some of the happiest moments we have in life involve nature. From spending time in gardens, being outside playing and having natural elements in our home we are surrounded by it. The quiet presence of nature by our side reminding us of the bigger picture in life. What I know about natural wisdom is its teachings on life are valuable in helping us understand just how precious each day truly is. Enjoying the sunrises and sunsets and filling the time between with beauty and things that bring joy into this world are all teachings of nature itself.

When we use nature in our life it doesn’t mean we never need anything man made again. What it does though is give us power in our own two hands to take our own life back. We control what goes in, on and around us to build the life we want; the life that is healthy, happy and full of life! We bring in the man made things when we need something beyond this which many of us who have practiced natural living find becomes less and less. There are still conveniences of course but what I know about natural wisdom is we see the simplicity is luxury itself because it frees us to choose our destiny.

What I know about natural wisdom is with the world excelling faster and faster more of us are turning back to nature. We crave the simplicity and stressless comfort that nature provides. We want real nourishment to our body and heart that tastes like perfectly ripened fruit bursting with flavor. This raw nature feels good to our touch and lets us know what is real in life. Natural wisdom is a connection to nature reminding us we are still supported and have comfort when we need it most. The produce of nature feeds us in body and heart so we can share that with others to help them too reconnect.

I think living natural takes many forms and that is the very fact of it that makes it beautiful. Natural wisdom personalizes this experience for each of us so we can truly get at the heart of what we need and want most to bring forth the radiance of life in our own days. That is the thing about natural wisdom that I believe doesn’t get enough credit. We see and hear only about the products like essential oils, natural ingredient soaps and cleaners and so on but at the heart of why those things are necessary is their ability to bring us back to our natural state. The place where we can be ourselves, choose our own path and feel beautiful along the way. What I know about natural wisdom is using things like essential oils is just the tool to bring out the best in us, the very natural self we hold back way to often.

What I know about natural wisdom is the symbolism of it through things like owls gives us hope this isn’t just a bunch of soft talk. It is real and there is meaning in our life that can lead us out of the constant stress, anxiety, feeling like a failure and inadequate so that we can bloom into who we were truly meant to be. Ourselves. Unique, beautiful, graceful and all the things that make you, you! That is living naturally well in nature’s wisdom in your life.

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