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What I Know About the Basics of Living Naturally Well

It is not always fun to be the new person. We have a deep desire to fit in and be accepted. It is so ingrained in us to not stick out or be unique because when you are there is a risk people won’t like you. Being left out is almost as bad as being new in terms of how awkward and lonely it can be. Yet it is in these very moments we have the biggest opportunity to live fully. We have in our hands the very essence of what it means to learn something from the ground up and make it our own. Now we can learn it and copy what everyone else does or we can stand out from it. What I know about the basics is this single decision can be life changing.

When we set out to do something new there are usually some simple steps to get started. These basic tasks make up the path we will walk in achieving our goal. If we’re impatient we can sometimes skip these and just rush forward. Sometimes that means we need to redo the work and that can be frustrating but it teaches us that important lesson of patience and perseverance. We can also and quite often do just give up seeing what we wanted to do as not worth our time or not happening fast enough so it must be impossible. The struggle with the basics is often our own urgency and expectations rather than enjoying the journey and scenery along the way.

What I know about the basics in life is they are often overlooked and undervalued. When we want to go somewhere we just want to be there. We want the least painful route in the quickest time. Time often steals our joy of living it seems. Our own time table of how fast things should happen because once they do then we will be happy, then we can live like we want. What I know about the basics is sometimes they can take a while to learn and master but living happens every day not just when we retire, win the lottery or hit our goals.

The basics are the things that seem simple and something everyone can do. Perhaps that is the reason people think they don’t have time to learn them. It is much like when I first started working out with my personal trainer and she asked me to do these basic exercises like push-ups and planks. They were hard for me because I wasn’t used to working those muscles and lacked the strength to do them well. Surely there was a faster way to lose some weight and get in shape! Yet it was in those basic movements I built the strength to be able to do harder moves that did lead to my goals. What I know about the basics is they are work and not at all so simple sometimes but worth doing and doing well.

When it comes to naturally living well, this too is filled with things considered basic. So basic in fact, sometimes we think they are not at all effective or can’t work. Yet, what I believe is when we return to the basics of living we realize it’s true beauty. We feel the stress of all the should do stuff in our life go out of our bones and we start really feeling like ourselves. We see what we have been missing and relax into the precious moments we once didn’t have time to enjoy. It is not that we are broke monetarily either but rather we realize all of what we didn’t need to have the perfect life. What I know about living naturally well is they are founded on the basics that are actually very satisfying for our needs.

We all have this vision of what it looks like when we are living well. Mine vision has changed over the years as I started to really look at what I was working for and towards. It is not that I don’t want nice things because I do but I have changed in what those things are and how I get them. What I have learned about the basics is mastering them to live naturally well looks different than when we just chase our dreams to get nice things. Instead it means I’m aware that every day is beautiful and I can make the most of right now. Living naturally well is now, today, this moment. It is enjoying the simple beauty of each day and what it offers us to help us reach out goals. Time doesn’t factor into that experience other than a tool we use to measure how far we have come and how it has helped us grow.

Living naturally well represents this ideal state where we are comfortable in our skin along the way of learning, growing, evolving and stretching. We are creating this beautiful life but the journey is a part of that. Learning the basics of living within our means, appreciating what we have and incorporating nature into our daily life gives us a fulfillment now that keeps us moving towards more that makes us feel good. It may start with a bottle of essential oil or a green cleaner as the basic or perhaps it is a new exercise program but we know this is only the doorway to more of what makes us come alive in our present. We see these small changes become more in creating what is possible throughout our life.

What I know about the basics is a lot of people give up early on them because they are not fancy or fast. Yet what going through the basics gives us is confidence, strength, endurance and perseverance to do more. We advance from the basics more knowledgeable, stronger and wiser to know how to deal with the more complex opportunities. We forego the immediate results for results built on quality and that are long lasting. Achieving the goal is still important but it is less about how long it takes and more about what we learn and become in the process of reaching that goal. What I know about the basics is they are integral to the process of learning and make reaching our goals all the more sweeter for having stuck with them.

When I look at what I have learned through the basics for living naturally well, I see many changes in my life. Most of these changes were the result of trying new things with a willingness to see if I could tell a difference. My only expectation at the time was simply that. Did natural products work and was there a difference? Was it really less expensive? I had no idea at the time these simple changes would become the catalyst for wanting to explore what it means to live naturally well because at the time I was just looking for different household cleaners. It however opened a door to see what else was possible and now touches every area of my life. What I know about the basics is we never really know how extensive they carry us and where they will lead.

Taking the time to explore and learn the basics serves us well in many areas of our life where we have a goal. Mastering these skills gives us the momentum to bring about major changes in our life that lead to the goals we have set for ourselves. Using this knowledge also leads us to the empowerment to live more fully in our life, enjoying what is around us and seeing the opportunity of where it can lead is living well naturally.

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