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What is Your Spirit Saying?

We all have this voice in our head that sometimes we really doubt don’t we?

Like that voice can say these most incredible things and we don’t take it seriously.

It seems impossible. That can NEVER happen. Seriously I just need to go back to focusing on adulting and quit daydreaming.

That voice, is our natural spirit talking. It’s not some far out there Alice in Wonderland dream sequence, it is us. The real us encouraging us to go for it.

Hi, my name is Amy and I’m the owner of Dragonspit Apothecary. I’m a mom, wife, entrepreneur trying to make it in this life the most naturally way I can be. This is my video log where I share what I’m learning about living more naturally every day.

So this voice inside my head is actually one I have tried to ignore for a long time and that wasn’t always the right answer.

When I didn’t listen to that voice well that’s when I usually regretted something and sometimes am still looking for that second chance to try it again. We all know how often those come around right?

Here’s the deal, that voice in our head is our spirit speaking and when we move past the negative self-talk and get to the real us underneath that voice often has a lot to say about how we are living our life.

This is the voice that encour