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What is Your Spirit Saying?

We all have this voice in our head that sometimes we really doubt don’t we?

Like that voice can say these most incredible things and we don’t take it seriously.

It seems impossible. That can NEVER happen. Seriously I just need to go back to focusing on adulting and quit daydreaming.

That voice, is our natural spirit talking. It’s not some far out there Alice in Wonderland dream sequence, it is us. The real us encouraging us to go for it.

Hi, my name is Amy and I’m the owner of Dragonspit Apothecary. I’m a mom, wife, entrepreneur trying to make it in this life the most naturally way I can be. This is my video log where I share what I’m learning about living more naturally every day.

So this voice inside my head is actually one I have tried to ignore for a long time and that wasn’t always the right answer.

When I didn’t listen to that voice well that’s when I usually regretted something and sometimes am still looking for that second chance to try it again. We all know how often those come around right?

Here’s the deal, that voice in our head is our spirit speaking and when we move past the negative self-talk and get to the real us underneath that voice often has a lot to say about how we are living our life.

This is the voice that encourages us to go for it – like really just go for it and stop stalling. It’s the voice that’s telling you to jump in and you know it will be alright when you do but still you’re standing at the edge with that fear holding you back.

But what if…

It is that right there. The But What Ifs that get us every time and our natural spirit voice gets silenced.

But what if we did it this time is what I have learned to say. But what if it worked out? But what if I fly?

See when we only see the negative possibilities we not only silence our spirit’s voice but we give up. We drop our dreams and walk away to do what we have always done. We say it’s impossible, can’t be done and it wasn’t all that so we’ll just come back to what we know and even though it hasn’t made us happy and most of the time doesn’t work well for us, we trust it.

But what if this time we didn’t do that and we listened to that little voice inside our head this time that said don’t look back, take that step, close your eyes, jump, feel, and go.

That is the difference between living naturally well and just living.

Now for my friends out there that are still on the other side of but what if with the negative it won’t work, let’s talk about that. You know what, you are right, sometimes it won’t work and in fact it may fail miserably. But what do you really have to lose? Maybe some weight, unhappiness, lack of fulfillment, not having enough, maybe a bad relationship or two? Oh I know maybe that crummy job that you really hate waking up to on Mondays, yeah how about losing that? There are no guarantees in life, not even that crummy job has a safety net, it’s just comfortable because we know what to expect.

It is when we say those things are not good enough for us anymore and we start going toward what is that we realize how much opportunity there really is in the world. We see the possibilities and we go towards them like the romantic scenes in movies with two lovers running towards each other. In this case we’re running towards the life we want and leaving the crummy stuff behind.

I think what trips us up the most in listening to this voice is not just the fear of what if it fails and what others will think about what we’re doing but rather it’s about the discomfort. It’s about letting go and trusting that everything can truly be alright. I like to think that it the fine line between faith that we all have to figure out in our life. When we finally realize there are no guarantees and we really don’t have anything to lose we actually see a lot of fear go away.

Pope John Paul II said there isn’t anything in this life to be afraid of. I have often heeded that advice in my own life. Now I’m not talking about going sky diving or anything like that but sometimes the things we need to try in our life seem as scary as jumping out of that plane don’t they? I do believe while there is nothing in this life to be afraid of, there are something we should consider more dangerous than others but there too we don’t want to use the danger factor the same as the fear factor. It’s about taking calculated risks that lead us to where our dreams come true and that voice inside our head becomes the voice we use all the time.

Now I want you to consider something. The voice in my head is this excited, happy, dreamer who is bubbling with great ideas, energy and zest for life. She is funny, smart and confident too. When I consider all that I hear in this voice I know that is the true me. Yet when I sometimes look at what I’m doing every day it is not with that bubbly energy. It is the same old routine I always do and the same job after job I have to make sure we can pay our bills. I ignore the voice when I think I know better.


Here’s what’s ironic though, the times I have listened to that voice instead have been some of the best lived moments in life. Like when I said yes to moving to South Carolina to start a new life. When I said yes to marrying my husband. When I said yes to adoption when we learned we couldn’t have children. Big and small when I have listened to that voice I have lived my best life.

So why don’t I do that all the time?

Well, the truth is I’m getting better at it and sometimes we all need that reminder when we get stuck at just living for a while. It is in the consistent little changes that we bring forth massive transformation in our lives. When little by little we find a way to bring out dreams to life and start living the life that is perfect for us that we see so much of the problems, heartbreak and drama in our lives go away too.

It starts by listening to that voice in our head. You know the one, that tells you dreams are on the other side of that door you keep ignoring. It’s time to open it my friend and start living your best natural life.

For support in living naturally well, contact me at and let’s get you the right tools to making those dreams come true.

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