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What it Means to Naturally Shine

When I speak of living naturally, I am talking about feeling our best as much as possible every day. Those times our energy is good, we feel rested and rejuvenated and our minds and bodies are ready to take on what comes in our day. Our emotions are lifted and our hearts are open to possibilities and dreams we want to build. I am also talking about feeling we cannot describe as anything other than just good, positive and solid like it is the best day we can imagine and yet it’s only a regular Wednesday. Those times we just feel ourselves, comfortable in our own skin and humble to be alive.

Living naturally doesn’t make bad days go away or never happen. Those times will still come in our life no matter how much we try to avoid them. Much the same way soil needs rain there are times we too must endure some challenges to spur our own growth. There are many inspirational quotes about growing through the storms and that’s where the best changes in life come from. Yet when we are living naturally we find it a little easier to shine through the tough times, losses and hurts, even only by a little. It is what some may call hope, inner strength or just plain determination but it is a flame that never extinguishes.

Natural shine are the moments we notice our connection to nature. The feeling of warm grass under our feet or sun on our shoulders. It is hearing birds sing over traffic and being able to feel strengthened and reassured from it. It is a walk along the shore or in the woods admiring the grace and beauty around us and feeling our souls lift upward. That connection transferred into a feeling we carry into daily living is what it means to live naturally. Our perspectives change, our viewpoints shift and our priorities align to what really matters in life. We feel charged by these elements and find ourselves moving away from things that dampen or lessen this vibration.

This is more than just moving away from negative people or toxic relationships, as it influences all that we do, say, feel, think, and dream. When you realize how good it feels to feel this way you want more of it until it is literally everywhere in your life. Where we cannot change the condition of it immediately, we find ways to make what we have or where are just a little better. For instance, a job that doesn’t fulfill us becomes an opportunity to change for us. We can feel empowered to take a bold step into having our own business or at the very least finding a different job or rethinking how we do what we do every day for pay. It doesn’t mean we don’t mean money to live it just means we find ways to align to what is right for us in all that we do.

When we persist despite the challenges in our life we are shining by doing our best. It doesn’t mean we won’t fail or stumble but it means we are taking on the storm and figuring out how to come out of it stronger, healthier, more flexible, experienced and wiser. We shine regardless of where we are planted and we grow until we outgrow where we are and then we grow again. We recognize these changes in us and let it influence what is around us. That is the essence of living naturally.

People are drawn to light. We seek it’s comfort, warmth and protection. It feels good to be around light physically and emotionally. We see better and can feel safer exploring when we can see what is ahead and around us. Often in life that light is our own being, navigating the confusing alleys of reality trying to make sense of chaos. It is hard to see by it when the situation is new or challenging but it is still there guiding us. That willingness to learn and be something different than we are today is the beauty of living naturally. It is an opening in a world that can threaten and bully us if we don’t think, look, act, say, believe or aspire to the same as others. Yet if we did that we would not be honoring who we are and our own voice that also deserves to shine in this world, respectfully.

Some think living naturally is just using a bunch of natural products, applying essential oils and eating organically. This is really just the beginning to opening that door. Removing what doesn’t work or feel good in our life or that threatens and weakens our health and well-being is called removing the toxicity. That can be products, relationships, situations and anything that prevents us from feeling good. We use natural products as a replacement to those things to help us have tools to live, support our health, and heal from those situations. Living naturally is about us learning to dust off our own shine and let it come through. Using natural products is a resource to help us through that work of cleansing and restoring our life.

Maintaining our health, improving it and protecting it are the core of living well naturally. The process and journey of that is what sets us in motion of allowing our own light to shine through when things get tough in our life. It allows us to feel like us and know how to fit our own being into our own life. Surrounding yourself with things that feel good to us in mind, body and soul is how we do that and it starts with nature.

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