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Why There are No Grumpy Essential Oil Users

I once believed there were no grumpy essential oils and then I met one, I think.  It’s sort of like you think you saw a yeti or Big Foot out in the woods but you’re not really sure if it was that or a loose gorilla from the zoo.

I encountered her in an essential class I was co-hosting with a friend.

You know how you meet someone new and you just know there’s something that doesn’t sit well with you?  I had no idea who this person was as I introduced myself welcoming her to our class and offering her one of the iTOVI scans before the class began which she gladly did.

Little did I know this was just the beginning of a bad situation.

NOTE: An iTOVI scan is a galvanic skin measurement to show what your body is responding to and signaling you need so you can support those needs with the most appropriate essential oils.

All through the class she asked strange questions and made snide remarks. She shushed others who were talking and gave them the evil eye if they asked questions of the host and me. She just generally appeared to be a very unhappy person and her unhappiness was like a large cloud that was touching everyone around her.


I learned quickly this person used Young Living essential oils. We of course were there to teach about doTERRA’s oils and all were welcome to share, learn and be with us.  My position is all who were there were interested in information for how we can manage our health and homes naturally the best we can so regardless of which method you use there is value in sharing your experience and learning from others.

This person however spent the majority of the class taking notes about the oils and saying how she could make her own that would be just as good as doTERRA’s oils. I really hate to say this but she was basically making an ass of herself.

grumpy cat2

While I do not support Young Living and have written lots of blog posts demonstrating the questionable practices used, quality concerns and price that is more than doTERRA’s, at the end of the day, if someone is firmly passionate about using Young Living oils then I will honor their opinion and hope they honor mine. That just wasn’t happening with this person.

What I learned from this experience

On the ride home I told my husband about this lady and another that tagged onto her and was further complicating the setting with their negativity. I did a lot of thinking about this experience afterwards and here’s what I think:

Are Your Oils Really Working?

One of the reasons to use essential oils is to support your mental health and well-being.  We use oils to enhance the feelings of happiness and things that make us feel good, confident, open to others and centered. Oils also help us navigate and mitigate the things that don’t feel so good so we can bring them to closure and find peace.

Even if your focus in using essential oils is not for your emotions they by default also benefit this area of your life through your use of them. We are scent driven people that have emotions tied to our sense of smell.

While oils won’t make a mean person nice or behave well in public, they do support our feelings and help us recognize things about ourselves that we may need to work on.

If this person is a daily user of Young Living essential oils but she feels so unhappy that she feels the need to have outbursts and bad behavior like she did in this class I would question if her oils are really working.

I answered questions about her iTOVI scan and what the reading meant when she asked me. For instance, her report showed her top 3 needs as the Seasonal Blend (doTERRA TriEase), Centering Blend (doTERRA Balance) and Sandalwood.  The Balance and Sandalwood point to emotional needs she would benefit from by using these 2 oils. Both are grounding, calming and soothing to our mind and emotions. The TriEase was for seasonal allergies that many in my area are dealing with as the weather changes.

If you’re walking about like a bully with a chip on your shoulder are you really happy? I could be wrong about this but I’m betting she is not at all happy.

The larger question from this though is are you realizing benefit and value from using your oils? Be honest with yourself when you answer that.

Do you feel better?

Do you have less pain?

Are you sleeping better?

Are you in a good mood most of the time?

My Oils Gave Me Courage to be Graceful

When I sensed this person had something going on and saw what she did in the class I made sure all my responses to her were spoken in kindness. This was tough because I am one that will call someone out quickly for behavior like this and would normally slice her thinner than deli Swiss cheese for acting like that. However, I took a different approach and instead I answered her questions and gave her information in a kind and attentive way.

I listed the ingredients of oil blends knowing her questions were because she was just going to try and make her own using Young Living oils. I knew she had absolutely no intent on purchasing a thing in this class. Instead she is stubbornly closed down thinking she can replicate a doTERRA oil blend with Young Living oils.  It’s not possible but she wasn’t open to discussing that.

Secondly, it was obvious I wasn’t going to be change her mind. It doesn’t matter doTERRA cost less or has much better quality or comes from a company of compassionate leaders and integrity. This person is firmly passionate that Young Living is what is right for her.

This however, was an opportunity for me to demonstrate that these oils do work for those needs because I was surrounded by Balance oil through my diffuser necklace and had just applied the doTERRA Peace to my wrists before the class started.

One day I hope she realizes the difference. I will be there when and if she does to help her find oils that will work. Until then, all I can do is support her with grace and speak from what I know to be true.  I can also avoid her to protect my own feelings and well-being.

Are there any grumpy oil users?

grumpy cat

I think if you are using oils and you don’t feel better physically, mentally or spiritually I would ask if your oils are truly working for you.

Over 80% of the essential oils on the market today are adulterated or contaminated effecting their purity and quality. You will not, no matter what, realize positive benefits from an oil in this condition. Try as you might, you also cannot replicate the level of quality and purity of doTERRA blends with other oils.

I now believe that there are some grumpy oil users out there but it’s because they don’t know how doTERRA is truly different and can help them. doTERRA is unlike any other essential oils on the market.  There is a difference and all you have to do is try it for yourself to see and experience it.

If you’re one of my readers who uses another brand, I can hear you saying you don’t believe it…. but I promise this is so very true.  I’m happy to share a sample for you to try it.

So my conclusion… there are no grumpy essential oils users when they are using good high quality essential oils.

Interested in more?

If you would like to try a sample of doTERRA essential oils to compare to the oils you use currently please reach out. I’m happy to get you a sample and answer any questions you have. My only ask is that you be open to the experience and honest in your comparison.

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