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Workplace Peace

One of my favorite doTERRA oils is Peace. I gravitate towards this oil quite frequently because I find it calming, soothing and happy.

Peace is considered part of the Reassuring blends doTERRA created.

wa-doterra-peace (1)

The oil is sold in the 5ml bottle size as well as a roller-ball.

This is an oil I will take on travel with me as well as apply during chaotic work days and before bedtime.

The oil is a wonderful support for helping with both negative and positive feelings including:

  1. Negative feelings of being controlled, negatively attached, afraid, spiritually disconnected, unsafe, restless, overthinking

  2. Positive feelings of peace, serene, contentment, still, quiet, and spiritually connected

From the book Emotions and Essential Oils: A Reference Guide for Emotional Healing 2017 Sixth Edition, we learn this oil blend is soothing for our souls particularly when we feel the need to clutch tightly to things and events around us.

“Reassuring Blend invites individuals to connect to the true source of unending peace and let go of control and excess attachments in order to experience the incredible peace that flows from the Divine. It invites individuals to trust in divine goodness and grace. Reassuring Blend affirms that no amount of control or effort can fill the empty soul. It reminds individuals that only by connecting to the Divine will they cultivate lasting peace.”

In my corporate life, I deal with a lot of different personalities and while we would all like to think we are nice, friendly people sometimes the work environment doesn’t bring out those best qualities. There can be a lot of competition, self-promotion and hurtful things said and done that we are not supposed to take personally but let’s be real, we are human and this behavior is hurtful.  Often in work there is not an apology received either and this can fester into some very hard relationships and situations we must endure all for the sake of a paycheck. It really is an unhealthy situation and unfortunately we will all encounter it quite regularly in the course of work.  While most days I enjoy my job and get through it pleasantly enough I do look forward to the day I can leave corporate life behind for this reason.

Until then thankfully there is a nice roller-ball of Peace at hand. I