ITOVI Referral Link


An ITOVI Scanner is a unique and powerful tool to have in your business. This scanner provides you and your customers with an indepth look at their current and longer term health needs so you can help them get the right products ordered. There are many ways to use this incredible tool in your business including:

  • Wellness Consultation custom planning with your customer
  • Reactivation and Engagement with customers you've not spoken to in awhile
  • Class interactive exercise to learn about different oils and products


This referral link is provided within the Choose Your Own Path Business Packs - Fast Growth and Full Bloom. Check out these bundles for additional savings and a complete set of tools to help your business flourish. The referral link provides you discounted access to purchase your own ITVOI and take advantage of their referral program within your own team.

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    This document provides you basic information about ITOVI and a link to access the referral program for obtaining your own ITVOI.


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