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pH Balancing 8 Week Program

Support your health through personalized pH balancing care to help your body heal and progress.

  • 1 hour
  • 149 US dollars
  • Zoom or in person

Service Description

By measuring the pH in our body, we gain insight to decode messages for what our body is saying it needs to promote healing. This simple saliva and urine test can be confirmation for why we feel the way we do or are experiencing things that may go unexplained or unaddressed by allopathic care. In understanding and tracking our pH we can align dietary choices, supplements, exercise, sleep, and health support in making improvements to how we feel, find relief from pains and discomforts, and resolve underlying health concerns. Balancing our pH is fundamental to not only feeling better now but in longer term vitality and well-being. In this series of sessions we establish your starting pH pattern and monitor throughout changes in the pattern while adjusting your diet, supplements, exercise, and other health elements to align for optimal healing and progress. Achieving and maintaining pH balance helps our body best position against threats to our health and well-being. Whether from inflammation, pain, discomfort, digestive concerns and more, these are all messages from our body of what it needs to heal our cells and promote health. This service is a series of appointments where pH and RBTI is performed and reviewed with you to determine appropriate support needs. Recommendations for products such as homeopathies, herbs, essential oils and supplements can be purchased separately at the time of your service or as needed. Additional testing such as lab work may also be purchased separately if needed. Service does not include lab testing fees. This service is a series of 8 sessions occurring at intervals over the course of an 8 week period. If additional pH balancing work is needed, additional sessions can be added. Each session lasts approximately 30 minutes to review and discuss results, next steps and made any modifications to existing action plans. Payment plans are available. There is 10% discount by paying it in full at time of booking (use code pHBAL). Choose the option right for you.

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