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Holistic Health Services

Helping your feel your best, naturally.

Gift cards are able to be used for any service offered by Dragonspit Apothecary, LLC.

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Buffet Table

A Fresh Take on Traditional Holiday Recipes!

It can be hard to focus on healthy eating when you are surrounded by rich savory and sweet recipes filled with cheese, sugar and other weight gaining ingredients.


If you're looking for holistically healthy options and recipe ideas I'm happy to help!


Through That Clean Life, I have access to over 6000 holistically nutritious and healthy recipes. We can find ingredient swaps for your recipes, alternative options all together and even fresh ideas to include more healthy options on your holiday buffet, table and platters.

Great for specific needs, nutritional support & overall well-being support!

A holistic health consultation is a general service that can be used for a variety of needs.

In these sessions, we address your top concerns for your health and work to identify root cause behind these concerns so meaningful support can be provided. 

Examples: losing weight, not sleeping well, inflammation, general health, etc.

A variety of questions and holistic modalities will be used to triangulate the cause(s) and help you map a holistic and natural approach for supporting these problems. 

At your first session, a comprehensive assessment is built and includes a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) face, nail and tongue analysis as well as an Iridology assessment.


Holistic health care cannot diagnosis or change care plans or prescriptions from your doctor.

Most holistic health services and products can complement your physicians care plan but it is always advisable to let them know what natural products you are using so medication alignment can occur.

Purchase a package of 3 Holistic Health Consultations and save!

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Hanging Herbs

Herbs, homeopathy, flower essences, essential oils and other natural medicine are an important part of natural medicine but how do you know if what you are using is right for your needs?

Whether for regular supplementation or specific needs, using the right natural medicine of high quality and for the right purpose can make the difference in their effectiveness and your safety.

A Remedy Consultation is your place to get information, ask questions and get help accessing and using natural medicine as part of your health management.


Food Photography

Customize your own diet with meals, ingredients and foods that help you meet your health goals, overcome health concerns and are entirely personalized to you!

Holistic eating is about you.


This is where dieting gets personal. With a fully customized nutritional approach that helps you rebuild your relationship with food and your body while eating and living in the real world. 

Its the way healthy eating and dieting should be done because it is built 100% around your health needs & goals while honoring what you like and don't like to eat.

With this program you receive:

  • Customized meal plan with all ingredients, recipes and shopping lists for 4 weeks 

  • Mood, Food and Lifestyle online journal for your tracking and observation by your practitioner

  • Weekly check-in sessions to monitor progress, review your journals and modify your plan where needed

  • Flower Essence Remedy specific to your current needs

  • Homeopathic and other natural medicines may be recommended based on your individual needs and health goals.

NOTE: You must have had a Holistic Health Consultation with Comprehensive Assessment within the last 6 months.

This package is for 6 appointments that occur generally on a weekly basis.

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In this service we test out a series of objects to see how they respond negatively or positively to your body.  We then identify remediation steps for things interrupting our personal biofield.


This is an ideal service if you are concerned about biofield influences such as those from wi-fi, cell phones, smart meters, and other subtle energy around us all the time. Harmonizing subtle energy can have a significant impact on our health, happiness, personal energy, mood, sleep and overall wellness.


This service must be on on video or in-person as I need to see what is happening during the testing process to help you resolve any issues found.


Periodic review of your biofield is recommended for ongoing health and well-being.

Natural Minerals

Mud Packing is a holistic health modality that restores the body's energetic disruptions as a result of injury or trauma. This can occur when we have tried everything else to heal the body but we just are never the same afterwards. Mud Packing helps us heal what western medicine cannot see.

Mud Packing is a 2 part process.


In Part I session we focus on our Downloads points (hands and feet). These are your communication points within the body that can become clogged or blocked from everyday errands, stress, electronic use like holding your phone all the time and even personal care products like lotions.

In Part II we focus on specific body areas that are identified as having energy "dents". These can be pain points, trauma areas, from tattoos, or other experiences the body has where energy is blocked and not flowing openly. A series of muscles testing will be done to confirm these areas.


Clearing these points energetically allows the body to restore electrical flow in the pathways throughout the body.

Please note your body may need more than one session. 

This session can be done remotely and I will instruct you in every step and work with you during the session via Zoom. It can also be done in-person.

Please do not attempt this at any time without oversight of a practitioner!


You will be asked to purchase the a Mud Packing Session Kit available through the Dragonspit Dispensary in advance of your session. Please note while there are many available brands for holistic mud packing, I only recommend and work with the products from Premier Research Labs when offering this session. A link will be sent to you when you book this service to purchase your Mud Packing Kit.($74.73)

Each session will last approximately 90 minutes.

Our cravings are messages from our body letting us know something bigger than we need a chocolate bar or bag of salty chips. 

Decoding these messages helps us support our body, mind and emotions better and prevents cravings from overtaking our healthy eating and active lifestyle.

In this session we dig into your cravings to understand the messages they are triggering and help you devise a plan to support them.

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Image by Supliful - Supplements On Demand

This service focuses on your current vitamin and supplements you take regularly to assess if they are ideal for your current health concerns and goals.

A regular vitamin check is recommended the first year 1 time per season and then bi-annually thereafter.

In this service we look for and release trapped energy that are identified as emotions being held within the body. These can occur from experiences, trauma, or even be inherited.

Pain in the body can also indicate the situation where emotions have become trapped in the body.

If several blocks are found, multiple sessions may be required.

This service is ideal if you are experiencing physical pain, have recurring dreams or thoughts, feel creatively blocked, low energy, are experiencing challenges expressing and processing emotions, and believe they are impacting your overall health and well-being.

Zen Garden
Image by Esther Verdú

In this service we check for opening state of the chakras and remove blocks found. 

This is a deeply relaxing session so clients are asked to be in a quiet space where they will be undisturbed for the duration of the session (if done virtually).

Clients will be asked to place their finger pads along different areas of their body during this session. You should be in normal comfortable clothing either sitting or with the ability to lie on the floor or a massage table.

The use of crystals will be included in the service if performed in person. (Not available for virtual services)


This service is ideal if you are struggling with energy, mood and sleep disturbances. It can also be beneficial if you are recovering from an illness, coming off medications, including antibiotics or experiencing high stress.


This service is to talk about your emotional and physical needs where a personalized flower essence remedy would be beneficial.

Modifications to flower essence remedies are often needed as you see changes.

Follow up consultations should be set about 2 weeks after you start using a flower essence remedy.

Most people notice a change within 48 hours of use.

Please note: The charge for this service is for the consultation. Any remedy provided is a gift.

Why guess when you can know for sure what your body needs?


This service requires a urine and salvia sample.  

This service must be performed in person or samples dropped off and consultation scheduled at a later time. Samples can be shipped (at Client expense) if sent overnight and marked as biohazard according to shipping rules. 


The analysis identifies opportunities for health improvement without the expense and often necessity of bloodwork. Through your RBTI testing we can look at:


- Upper and lower digestive state and pH 

- Undigested proteins and cholesterol buildup 

- Cellular debris and turnover rate

- Carbohydrate and sugar levels

The numbers from this test give you guidance on dietary changes to help support optimal body functions that will improve and support health. 

Pipetting Samples and Test Tube

This service is available in person only.


Through our hands and feet we can release many energy blocks across the body.

Each area of your hands and feet represents specific organs, energy flow and nerve endings through cross throughout the body.

Working in these areas we can tap into the trapped energy of the body and provide support on a healing level.


During this session, you lie on a heated mat inlayed with crystals to provide additional relaxation and healing support. 

Pressure is applied to areas of your hands and feet. Where crystallization and nodules are felt by the practitioner, additional pressure is applied to release these so they can be eliminated from the body.


You will be advised to drink ample water and to rest following this session to support further healing.

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