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Money & Happiness

I learned the most about being happy when I literally had $2 in my pocket for the week. I was barely covering my bills and I had nothing to spare. Yes, I was stressed about money and how I was going to pay a bill but there was more in my life than that. It wasn’t my only focus. Maybe it was ignorance or arrogance but while concerned about my money situation it wasn’t entirely where I was focused.

There are lots of messages and quotes that tell us happiness is a state of being. We can be happy in any situation and circumstance if we only change our perspective. Equally there are numerous sayings about how to stop stressing about money and live well. Having happiness and money at the same time though you rarely hear stories about what that’s really like. It seems our inspiring quotes focus only on one or the other. I believe though we can have it all and experience a life we never dreamed possible when we only focus one or the other.

When I only focus on our budget, which at times I do have to focus on, I get stressed out. As a single income home watching our budget, making sure all the bases are covered and seeing where the money goes is a very big deal. It is not the dire straits of having only $2 a week leftover but it’s still stressful because now there is more than just me to worry about in life. I admit at times our budget is on my mind more times than not as a result. It adds stress to my work to make sure I’m doing my best and keeping my day job as secure as possible. I’ve worked very hard to not let it come into my small business though. Dragonspit Apothecary is my creative fun space. I don’t want the stress of worrying about the revenue and profits and taxes on it because of how easily I know it could suck the joy out of this work I actually enjoy.

The stress of money threatens to steal my joy at times. I look at what we can’t do or need to hold off from and I feel guilty. I feel like I’m taking away opportunities from my son by telling him no. It is not pleasant to say we need to tighten our spending because we’re running low on our float or a major expense is coming that we need to be able to cover. Over time though I’ve learned this guilt, stress and shame does not need to take away my joy and excitement and pleasure of life. Instead I have found it really freeing. Yes when we are tightening our budget I feel free. That I know sounds really sounds odd.

Here’s the deal when you’re budget is the tightest and you’re stressed about it that’s when you have the perfect opportunity to seek what makes you feel truly good. Most of the time that feeling of pure joy, laughter and zest of life doesn’t come from something you’ve spent money on. You literally cannot buy happiness. It comes from your time, focus, energy spent on doing things with those most important to you. It comes from redefining what feels good on the soul level. That type of enjoyment and happiness comes from you and not what’s in your budget. I learned the most about being happy when I was broke. The freedom from distraction on spending money for things I would soon forget just to fit in and still feel crummy afterwards about because I had a credit card bill to figure out how to pay. The freedom to pack sandwiches and have a picnic outside under a tree with my family rather than stressing how much a deli sandwich costs and worrying my son wouldn’t eat it all.

We put a lot of pressure on ourselves about money. We have to fit in. We have to live a certain way. However, when you change that emphasis to what your soul needs to feel loved, fulfilled and happy fitting in doesn’t matter. Living a certain way changes to living and moving more naturally for you. Ironically, the pressure of what you spend your money on also shifts. You realize if the bills are paid and there’s just a few dollars left over you’re going to be ok. Life will work out and you will have what you need. You are smart, capable and able to figure out the money things and trust me you will work it out. Stop letting that drive your entire life. Stop letting it rob your joy for each day of what you are blessed with and who is sharing your journey with you.

Learn the budget skills you need, work to pay off your debt but most of all make sure the life you are creating as you emerge from that is one that gives you happiness. That life doesn’t need look, feel or fit in with anyone other than who you love the most. If that’s starting a small business to let our your creative soul do it. If that’s changing jobs to one that gives you joy to drive to every day do it. Say yes to living naturally on your terms by doing things that feed your soul for happiness and money. Always be mindful though that more money is not the key to happiness. There will always be challenges and things that come up so please don’t base your happiness on the idea that being rich gives you happiness. It doesn’t and will not ever.

So yes I believe changing your perspective can bring you happiness but having the peace with money gives you power to enjoy that happiness regardless of what is in your bank account. This is what living natural looks and feels like on a very real level. It is what I practice in my own life even today when I sit to pay my family’s bills and look at our budget. When I start to feel that anxiety, stress, guilt and shame I boldly challenge myself on that why. I look that in the face and deal with it head on. Yes there are always budget adjustments to make and regardless of what you earn you will always need to learn to live within your means. However, living naturally means listening to your heart and hearing what your happiness is all about and how you live that life to the fullest regardless of your bank account numbers. It is being true to yourself and your family free of the chains money can restrict on. The best things in life truly are free and they feel fabulous.

When I start to feel the anxiety and stress of money creep into my head and challenge me this is my secret to staying open and willing to receive blessings in all forms so I can continue living naturally:

In your diffuser when you are paying bills, reviewing your budget or thinking of money add these oils:

2 drops doTERRA Eucalyptus

2 drops doTERRA Rosemary

1 drop doTERRA Myrrh

1 drops doTERRA Siberian Fir

2 drops doTERRA Lemon

To live more naturally on your terms begin your journey by subscribing to my website for daily blog posts like this one to help you.

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