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What I Know About Free

I once heard that customers don’t value free. This surprised me because well I have always loved a sample, free gift or bonus to what I was buying. This really bugged me why anyone would say customers don’t appreciate free but then it struck me that it’s wildly true! When we are giving a sample how often do we truly use it? When we receive a free gift or bonus with with or without purchase how long do we remember it and go back to buy some? While we may seek out and even enjoy the brief moment those freebies don’t usually end up in a follow up sale.

What I know about free is it can be a powerful word. We can use it to instill an action in people that they didn’t even realize they had in them. When we talk of free many will experience deep rooted emotions and feelings for what it feels like. Free is an emotional word but like products and services, it too has become a word we don’t seem to value like we once did. I believe this great word has been twisted, manipulated and taken advantage of so much in so many ways we don’t value it despite it being needed by every single one of us every day.

Free is a word that still has it’s power though and it only takes someone experiencing it in the purest of forms that we realize it’s always been there. Free is like nature in that it never goes away or runs out. To see it, experience it, feel it and taste it all we need is a little faith to know it is still by our side and within our reach. I believe we all can have freedom in our life if we choose to work for it. The motivation and desire of freedom can overtake us making it all we crave and feeding us from it’s ever flowing liberty of what is ahead if we only keep pushing. I believe many of us have lost the faith for being free.

I say this because there is so much unhappiness in our world. People are unhappy in their jobs, marriages, debts, and so much more and yet we continue with all of it ever day. We sometimes hear of people breaking up or changing jobs only to enter into other arrangements and relationships where they again experience this unhappiness over time. I believe much of this unhappiness is because we live to expectations of society and others rather than what is truly right for us individually and deep in our hearts. We have stopped listening to our own heartbeat and speaking our own truth because it could mean we are rejected by others.

I believe free comes to regain it’s value in our lives when we understand how it applies to every single thing we do every single day. When we put into motion things that truly lead to our personal view of free it builds the happiness we crave and our dreams become important again. We remember what we wanted to be in our life, how we wanted to live and who we wanted by our side. We capture the opportunities and overcome the challenges to achieve that in our life never tiring because it is hard. When we awaken to the dream of being free there is no stopping us.

Free is always more valuable when we have to earn it, take it back or realize we don’t really have it. Many of us think we live free but yet we follow the expectations set upon us by others. We give up our freedom to have children by a certain age, work in a certain career type or live in an house that’s appropriate. I believe free is when we allow ourselves to continue dreaming of the life we truly want and working to have it. When everything we do has intention and alignment to our dreams its there we can begin to see free as a glittering star we hadn’t noticed before We begin to emerge into a way of moving, thinking, acting, believing and creating that all supports us in capturing that star of what it means to be truly free.

Free is different for each of us. I believe we each have a unique dream that calls to us. Perhaps it’s the career you really wanted in life but had to make other decisions in the moment. Maybe it’s a vast piece of property in the country rather than a large house an arm’s reach from your neighbor. Maybe it’s having your own business or chasing after the one that got away. I believe free is when we fully hear our heart’s calling and put all we have into seeing it come to life. We no longer hear the naysayers and let go of those who don’t support our vision of free. All we can see, hear, feel and taste is the music of our own heart and emergence of our dream unfolding.

I believe we can realize free when we live more naturally. When we put down the opinions and expectations of others and tune into what is right for us. When we listen to nature and see the sage old wisdom around us that has always been there guiding us towards our own version of free. We already know we all deserve to be free and experience it in all that we do. Nature is there to help us along the way of obtaining it by helping us see the true path forward. I believe free is not obtained without conscious choices that align with our natural being and nature itself.

Living naturally is living free. It is where all that we do honors who we are and this beautiful planet on which we live. It is actively participating in the process of living every day with full heart and open eyes to what is possible and how we can support one another in living our best lives naturally. It is experiencing the power in speaking our own truth and pursuing our own dreams. If I were to ask you what that was for you today could you answer it without hesitation?

I invite you to sit with the thought of living naturally free. Let your heart go to the places you long ago packed away your dreams and open them again. This is the first taste of freedom many of us will have experienced in a very long time. It may be intimidating and scary but go more each time in that place and let your dreams come alive again. I believe free is when we take this important first step because once we feel it again in our hearts there is no stopping us from pursuing it.

As a consumer of your life are you valuing the free or is it something you forget you were given to try?

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