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Mud Packing (part 2)

Mud Packing is a holistic health modality that restores the body's energetic disruptions as a result of injury or trauma

In Part II we focus on specific body areas that are identified as having energy "dents". These can be pain points, trauma areas, from tattoos, or other experiences the body has where energy is blocked and not flowing openly. A series of muscles testing will be done to confirm these areas.

Clearing these points energetically allows the body to restore electrical flow in the pathways throughout the body.

Please note your body may need more than one session.

This session can be done remotely and I will instruct you in every step and work with you during the session via Zoom. It can also be done in-person.

Please do not attempt this at any time without oversight of a practitioner!

You will be asked to purchase the a Mud Packing Session Kit available through the Dragonspit Dispensary in advance of your session. Please note while there are many available brands for holistic mud packing, I only recommend and work with the products from Premier Research Labs when offering this session. A link will be sent to you when you book this service to purchase your Mud Packing Kit.($74.73)

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