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November 2022

The Emotional Eating Season

We eat more of our calories during November and December

than we do in all the other months combined!

Simply astounding to think about isn't it?


It is not just that we will soon be surrounded by all this delectable special food

but how that food makes us feel.


Food, specifically holiday food, invokes some of our most deepest feelings.


I often think of the holidays as the emotional eating season

because whether it is family traditions, trauma, boredom, stress, awkwardness, or just fear of offending the host, we will all likely encounter at least one time during the holidays where we emotionally eat or drink something.


Food is tied to our emotional system, this is especially true of sweets.

By ignoring our emotions with just focusing on restrictive eating & dieting

we prevent our body from thriving and achieving true health.


Food is more than a physical element needed to live.

It is our very connection to others and ourself.


We can understand a lot about ourself by what we eat and when.

This is why creating that balance between our mind-body-spirit becomes essential to holiday eating and long term health, including managing our weight.


Entering the holiday season grounded in alignment with yourself creates empowerment to nourish your mind-body-spirit that can deepen the experience of the season

and expand joy.


Most importantly, it allows us to shift away from the guilt of eating

to a heightened awareness of our relationship with ourselves, others and food.

This promotes healing and health that can improve our enjoyment of the season

and what we find ourselves eating or drinking.


January becomes one of welcoming change

rather than punishment and deprivation for "over-doing it during the holidays."


For your personalized holiday eating plan, setup a consultation with me!

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