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for Feeling Great

Discover lasting, optimal health with Natural Medicine and Holistic Health Care.  

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Dragonspit Apothecary, certified traditional naturopath & holistic practitioner
Dragonspit Apothecary, certified traditional naturopath & holistic practitioner

When health care focuses on our emotions, body, mind, and spirit as one whole person rather than just the components when something is in pain, we tap into our body’s ability to self-heal, thrive, and maintain health.

Whether you're a natural lifestyle newcomer or someone who has explored various options and is now seeking effective and budget-friendly solutions, this is your go-to source for discovering information to make it a reality.

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Holistic Health Care Education
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Holistic Health Care Community and Support
Dragonspit Apothecary, certified traditional naturopath & holistic practitioner
Dragonspit Apothecary, certified traditional naturopath & holistic practitioner

Dragonspit Apothecary 

Compassionate Care with Lasting Results

"I'm on a mission to empower individuals to take control of their well-being through natural and holistic approaches, enabling them to live with optimal health each day."

-Amy Kramer,

Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor (BCND)

Dragonspit Apothecary, certified traditional naturopath & holistic practitioner
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What is a Natural Health, Naturopathy, and Holistic Medicine? 

What Conditions Can a Holistic Health Practitioner Support?

Natural health is man's original medicine and honors the body's natural ability to heal. Support is provided through natural elements such as food, supplements, herbs, and oils where needed.

Naturopathy is the practice of natural medicine. It does not prescribe, diagnose, inject, or surgically operate. It is the focus on you as a whole person (mind-body-spirit) and listening to you to align the right support that is available naturally. 

  • Pre-menopausal and menopausal symptoms

  • Fertility

  • Hormone and craving balancing

  • Adrenal fatigue and energy levels

  • Brain Health

  • Weight management

  • Digestive gut healing

  • Skin health

  • Nutrition and supplementation

  • Healthy Aging

...and more!

What is the Process of a Holistic Health Practitioner?

Start here! Amy Kramer is a Certified Traditional Naturopath and believes in getting to the root cause of your concern so she can build a personalized plan to meet your specific needs and interests. Schedule a Holistic Health Consultation online now, which will include:

  •  a comprehensive assessment of your current health, lifestyle, concerns, and goals

  • a plan that aligns with what your body, mind, and heart need (and where you want to go).

Once a personalized plan is established, you can schedule other assessments and services online as needed or recommended.

Holistic Health Care aims to provide lasting results, so it's important to surround yourself with resources and a community that will support your goals long term. That is why Amy has created a VIP group to support your ongoing holistic health care journey. In this community, you will have access to monthly newsletters, special offers, and early access to in-demand workshops.

Amy is fantastic to learn from and always so willing to help!

- Melinda

"Amy helped me find a great solution to get to sleep."

- Chris

This (5 Ways to Naturally Improve Your Hormones Book) was great! I really enjoyed reading it. Also, good information for those of us "getting up there" in age!

- Tara H.

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