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2020 Wellness Box Challenge

As I start January my mind is completely on detoxing from the holidays. All those yummy Christmas cookies, lazy evenings playing board games and slower pace of life were wonderful but I feel ready to apply changes. As I’ve written already this month and more to come I think it’s important to pace changes in our life if we truly want them to last. Oh I totally know that sometimes that means it can be more challenging in seeing progress but this is where having a long term vision helps the most.

My long term vision is to improve my health and lose weight. I’m at an age now where things don’t just happen by themselves and I need to “work” at them some to maintain. When I thought about what that work looks like I realized for a long term adaption succeeding at the changes I wanted to see happen I would need to have several goals setup. Small goals, baby steps. Things sometimes so small you’d have to wonder if it would help at all. However, when you try to apply changes to an already busy, chaotic, stressed out life you have prevent it from feeling like another to-do item or chore that you can push to the bottom of your list.

For this reason, I decided to start January out with a cleanse. My goal this month is to work through a cleanse and start a fresh food journal. Now when I say cleanse please know I’m not talking about one of those starvation, deprivation or constant bathroom visits cleanses. I’m talking about one that will support my body’s natural know-how to eliminate what it doesn’t need and reset everything so I can build on that to meet my longer term goals. Just like get rich quick schemes you can’t use a lose weight fast scheme and expect long term success. Also I’m not interested in depriving my body or being miserable. That does not appeal to me at all and would be the first thing I’d stop doing because I don’t need to feel miserable on top of stressed out, busy and needing to constantly juggle dozens of things every day. I am still a working mom who needs something to go smooth in her day – can you relate?

So here’s my strategy for this cleanse. I’m using a natural solution based on plants that are known for their detoxification support. These things include Lemon, Grapefruit,Tea Tree, Oregano, Turmeric, Celery Seed and Thyme. Hence why celery is a top dieter food! All of these items cleanse our blood, refresh our systems and give our bodies support to detox. Trust me your body already know how to eliminate what it doesn’t need. You just need to give it a little boost particularly when it’s bogged down with lots of toxins.

As part of this I’m not looking to just strip my body of things but also begin building health from the inside out. That means adding in good things like vitamins, minerals and essentials that help with healthy cell regeneration, hormones, metabolism, adrenal support, digestion and immunity. Too often we will find ourselves coming down with a cold or sinus infection immediately after starting a new health routine not realizing it’s because we’re not giving our body what it needs in addition to taking away what it doesn’t need. Think about it this way, you can’t just go cold turkey depriving yourself of something you do every day and not give your body something else that is better for it and helps with that transition. When you skip this step you end up with a weakened immune system that alas you are likely to get ill from.

Here’s what my cleanse looks like:

  • doTERRA GX Assist (1 capsule in the morning) for 10 days

  • doTERRA TerraZyme 3 times a day

  • doTERRA Life Long Vitality Supplements

  • Lemon essential oil in my water

For food every day I have these guidelines this month:

  • Avoid anything processed

  • Reduce/eliminate fake sugars (diet sodas)

  • Prepare food in advance as much as possible to avoid “I’m starving” moments

Then for movement and exercise I have these personal guidelines this month:

  • Take a walk outside (weather permitting) at least 3 times a week – take the dog

  • Meditate for 3 minutes. (if you’re new that could be less for you. I’m still working on the ability to meditate and have managed about 3 minutes currently)

  • Shut off my electronics 30 minutes before bedtime

As you can see I set up sets of 3 in each of these categories so it wasn’t overwhelming and not a huge impact to my already crazy days. There’s also some challenges in there like finding motivation and time to take those walks and shutting off technology. These are small things overall and while I could go much harder on myself I realize that I don’t have the energy or stamina for more right now. For me it makes sense to start smaller and while I probably won’t lose a bunch of weight as a result I’ve also if I successfully do this all month have gained momentum that I can apply to next months wellness goals. What I have learned is I work much better if I have gradual progress and build up to harder things. Whereas if I just jump in and go all out strict diet and force myself to hit a gym every day it will be a failure for me. When it starts to feel like a chore or bigger challenge than I’m ready for I’m more likely to quit.

If you’d like to join me on the January Wellness Box Challenge simply click here:

Each month this year I’ll be building on my strategy for improving health naturally and invite you to join me! Come over to the Member’s Forum and share how you are reshaping your health this year and your strategies! Let’s do this together!

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