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2020 Wellness Box Challenge - February

Posted on February 6, 2020 by dragonspitapothecary

Last month I did a cleanse to prepare for some health goals I want to focus on this year. It left me feeling refreshed, renewed and ready for building on a clean foundation that will help me achieve some progress.

You can do this cleanse too by looking at my January 7 post that includes the instructions! There is nothing that says this cleanse can only be done in January so do it when the time is right for you! I invite you to join me on the cleanse process by checking out my Natural Health Cleanse course. This is a 10 day text & video series to support you on a cleanse and feel great during and after your cleanse. Click here to join it:

Now it’s time to build some momentum and focus on the changes I need to make in my diet and exercise. Anyone who has read my blog for any length of time knows these are not my favorite subjects at all. So like the cleanse I am doing things on my terms and in alignment with what my body and spirit are telling me they need the most. Honestly I feel ready to apply to take on some of these things because my body feels heavy and I am ready to help it feel better.

This month I am focusing on dietary improvements. I just went through the January cleanse so I want to be careful to not bring back in the things I’m trying to eliminate like preservatives, processed foods and junk food. So this means keeping my body cleaner and using that cleanse experience to support my body’s healing. Weight loss is not just a process of losing pounds. It is honestly a process of healing our body, helping it rebuild and releasing what is not serving it, namely those fat layers. We have to work with our body on that process instead of seeing dieting as a negative punishment and starvation as a necessary part of it. Your body doesn’t need to be punished right now. It knows it isn’t working well or feeling great. Rethinking how we work with our body in this change will help us realize more progress on dieting and weight loss.

For me, that means I need to focus on my metabolism and momentum. Specifically I want to look at the emotional eating I am prone to do when I’m stressed, upset, nervous, or overwhelmed. The “I don’t have time to cook” or don’t feel like it so let’s order out mentality is where I can quickly derail on progress. I need to establish that feeling of control with when and what I eat so I can make sure I’m eating what I need to for energy and not just mindlessly eating out of routine or emotions. To help me on this work I’ve chosen these natural products for support:

  • doTERRA Grapefruit – 1 -2 drops of this oil in water, smoothies and any beverage at all helps with hormonal support, metabolism and energy. It helps with hydration and sugar cravings as well.

  • doTERRA Slim & Sassy Chocolate Shake Mix – so incredibly yummy with a cup of almond milk, mixed in yogurt, or added to coffee!

  • doTERRA DDR Prime (1 capsule in the morning) for cell regeneration health

  • doTERRA Life Long Vitality Supplements for a well rounded all natural supplement system to ensure my body gets what it needs if my food is lacking in nutrients

Along with my tools listed above here are my February guidelines for a successful month of working on metabolism and establishing momentum:

  • Avoid anything processed

  • Reduce/eliminate fake sugars (diet sodas)Prepare food in advance as much as possible to avoid “I’m starving” moments

  • Drink water as much as possible and throughout the day

  • Build my shopping list with more proteins and veggies and less comfort foods

  • Make my son’s snacks shelf off limits for me

Then for movement and exercise I am continuing what I started in January and not stressing over it since there will be more focus on food for me this month:

  • Take a walk outside (weather permitting) at least 3 times a week – take the dog

  • Meditate for 3 minutes. (if you’re new that could be less for you. I’m still working on the ability to meditate and have managed about 3 minutes currently)

  • Shut off my electronics 30 minutes before bedtime

If you’d like to join me on this 2020 Wellness Box Challenge simply click here to get your January or February wellness boxes to get started:

January: February:

Each month this year I’ll be building on my strategy for improving health naturally and invite you to join me! Come over to the Member’s Forum and share how you are reshaping your health this year and your strategies! Let’s do this together!

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