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2020 Wellness Box Challenge - May

This month’s challenge is centered on our theme of growth. There are a couple sides to growth though that I feel important to talk about before we get into this month’s Wellness Challenge.

Growth is progressive, advancing and enriching. When we are growing we are changing, evolving, learning and emerging from where we were to where we are now. It is a process of changes of which we have initiated or they have come to us through experiences and opportunities. Growth can be both positive and negative. Positive growth is where we fill our minds, bodies and hearts with things that enrich our life, feed our health and strengthen us.

Negative growth is what we learn through hardship, turmoil and survivor mode. It too offers experiences that help us grow but those changes are from trauma, difficulty and strife that can sometimes present negative emotions, thoughts and health patterns. We all have a mix of positive and negative growth we have done in our lives.

It is sometimes necessary to allow and promote healing before we can introduce changes for positive growth. When we have experienced hurt, pain and trauma in our life that can sometimes block, prevent, control and limit us from exploring and applying enriching growth changes to our lives. We may feel fear, inability, lack of trust, low motivation, inconsistency and more. For me personally, I know when I am fearful I immediately crave M&Ms candy. It was what my mother would give me when things were scary and there were a lot of scary times in my life growing up. As a result of this pattern, it has been very difficult for me to overcome that in my adult life.

As we explore the topic of growth this month please keep in mind that sometimes we need to first address something in our way before we can make the progress we seek on a health goal.

The beauty of the 2020 Wellness Challenge is you can start where you are right now. Today. I designed this monthly focus to align with where you were coming from. Do the challenges each month in order, pick a month you’re most interested in or mix them up to fit your needs. The important part is to move in the direction of the health you want to achieve. Small every day simple steps that can lead to those results. Realize that sometimes you may need to side step to heal or reflect on something. This is not a rigid routine of musts and shalls in order to get fit and have some insane routine you cannot keep up with forever. This is about you, finding what is right for you and letting it lead you to the results you want in a way that is perfectly suited to your needs and desires. It is not pre-packaged and one size fits all.

If there is ever a monthly Wellness Box that doesn’t seem to fit your needs, simply reach out and I will help you customize it. I advise all my clients to take the Lifestyle & Wellness Questionnaire at least 2 times a year to personalize and customize recommendations specifically for you and your budget. You can take the Questionnaire here for free:

Our Wellness Box for May contains things to help us grow in our natural health journey and heal from those things that are limiting us. When we begin to feel good on the inside we naturally have more energy, focus and endurance to pursue larger health goals. That is why I recommend these for May’s 2020 Wellness Box:

Life Long Vitality


PB Assist

Adaptiv System

New Clients can order this month’s Wellness Box through this link:

Existing clients can purchase through their LRP template and earn points back on this order.

If you need help simply reach out!

This Wellness Box focuses on growth through helping our bodies rebuild healthy cells and receive nutrients it needs to function optimally. The Adaptive protocol helps us manage anxiety, stress and things that are limiting us in pursuing what we desire in our life. Togther the Life Long Vitality system and Adaptiv protocol give us the foundation of a healthy start where we can heal and begin the process of moving forward on our goals.

To learn more about why I highly recommend these products and to hear about doTERRA’s 30 day money back guarantee on the Life Long Vitality click here:

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