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2020 Wellness Challenge Box - April

Posted on April 2, 2020 by dragonspitapothecary

With the focus this month on our mind, the 2020 Wellness Box Challenge – April version contains things that help us in that area. Our minds are wondrous places where so much goes on every day (and sometimes night too). Supporting our brain function, cognitive thinking, creativity and more gives our brain the exercise it needs to stay strong.

This month’s wellness box has a couple different intentions. First as I’ve mentioned brain support because if we cannot think we cannot create, be, do and more! The rise of diseases that steal our ability to think and function are devastating and such a significant impact to the quality of life we could enjoy in our golden years. One of the core reasons behind why these disease are so prevalent today is our diet and what we are feeding our brains! Sugar and preservatives are destroying our brain cells and preventing healthy cells from generating. We can offset and reduce our chances against these diseases by improving our health.

The second reason for what’s in this month’s box is aligned with the blog’s central theme this month regarding money. We all have so much of our livelihood tied directly to what’s in our bank accounts. If you ask what the number one stress is for most families it is money. The amount of debt we carry, the scarcity of job security and rising costs of basic living are also destroying our quality of life now and in our golden years. Report after report shows people are not saving enough for retirement living because they are doing all they can to survive right now!

As I poured through what to put in this month’s Wellness Box I sat with these thoughts of how to live my best life against the stress of financially living today. We can justify anything in terms of what we decide to do, how we choose to live and what we purchase. Often when we are skeptical about something we hesitate and consider the expense aspect of our decisions. I think it is vitality important to always consider the cost of our decisions and choices. We live in a world where we are pushed constantly with messages of must do it now and often before we can carefully weigh if it is the right choice for us at all. However, when we step away from that messaging and give it the proper thought we can see clearly and support our decisions with confidence. I wanted this month’s Wellness Box to give you that confidence this is the right decision for your health and your budget.

In addition to the doTERRA monthly specials which you will find on the website when you order, I recommend these products in the 2020 Wellness Box – April edition:

  • Life Long Vitality with add-on TerraZyme, PB Assist and Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex to maximize savings

  • Spearmint oil

  • Copaiba softgels

  • DDR Prime Softgels

As part of the 2020 Wellness Challenge you already know why I highly recommend the Life Long Vitality supplement system and how you can save significantly with the add-on custom option. Having the right nutritional support through our supplements gives us the bridge between eating well and ensuring our body has all it needs to operate optimally.

The Spearmint oil is intentionally for helping us articulate clearly our thoughts and emotions. It is incredible at boosting our energy and helping us find that clarity to speak out truth. This is super important when we are working to step away from the noise of media that oversteps in driving us to certain purchasing decisions we’re not ready to make.

Copaiba Softgels are for the stress, anxiety and unclear thoughts we have when we feel overwhelmed. Reducing the stress in our brains helps us think clearly and make informed decisions right for us and the journey we are on.

DDR Prime is the golden ticket to healthy cell regeneration. Our cells die and new cells are generated every day throughout our body. We want to give our cells their best chance at being healthy from the beginning until they are replaced by new ones and the cycle starts again. DDR Prime supports the process of cells life and regeneration. It ensures our body has what it needs to make that a healthy process and supports our brain health. Containing Frankincense, Wild Orange, Lemongrass, Thyme, Summer Savory, Clove, Niaoule and Litsea each soft gel delivers the right amount of antioxidant support against free radicals that lead to many of our diseases in the world today.

Order the 2020 Wellness Box – April edition through your loyalty reward order this month by the 15th of the month to receive doTERRA’s free product of the month! If you are struggling on this Challenge you may also want to repeat our Natural Health Cleanse that we went through in January at this time.

If you are new and interested in starting your natural health journey with this month’s recommended Wellness Box items, please use this link:

I invite you to join us on the 2020 Wellness Challenge if you are not already part of it! It’s free to join the Member Forum where we are lifting one another up with encouragement, inspiring stories and support on the journey to improve our health this year. You can start at any point and where you are right now. It is a judgement free zone where all are welcomed.

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