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90 Days Ago

Back in January, when it was still gray and cold I encouraged you to look ahead 90 days. I asked you to dream what your life would be like just 90 days from then. What could you change? What could you do? What progress could you make? You can read that post from January 13, titled 90 Days from Now on my website. (

That 90 days is now. Did you change? Did you see progress? Does the world look different to you? 90 days doesn’t feel that long at all does it? 90 days ago we were still deep in winter with just a vision of what spring could look and feel like. Now we experience that with longer days the sun is hanging out make everything warmer, brighter and energizing to us. So much changed in nature in just that short window of time and yet there is definitely change we can see, touch and experience.

When you think about changes to your health, 90 days can be a short or long feeling. It’s short if you’ve lost focus or perhaps forgotten what you wanted to work on. It can feel long if you’re working intensely and focused on it. Time however passes in both cases and we arrive here 90 days later recognizing, observing and feeling what has occurred. How deeply we feel it is how deeply we were focused on it. How important it was to us and where we wanted it to take us. In 90 days we can build momentum, make changes, fuel inspiration and creativity, recover and heal, experience progress. There is a spectrum of feelings and experience we can experience in 90 days that transforms us. Did you transform?

As I look at what I want to accomplish in my 2020 Wellness Challenge I see changes happening. These past 90 days I didn’t meet all my goals but I progressed on them. I focused on what was important to me and I did my personal best. Sometimes I had to shift for other demands but I accepted that in my process of growing and learning to re-balance. I let it be an experience to learn from, let flow and not derail my own personal goals. I focused on me, how I felt, what felt good and right to me and I used that to move in that direction for more. I also released and continue to release what is in my way of how I want to feel, look, live.

When you grow on a path of living more naturally you realize there is a greater flow in your life. 90 days is enough time to experience a rhythmic flow that will influence your decisions, feed your soul and inspire you to work on your goals. It doesn’t mean you will meet those goals or that you find achievement, but it does mean you will feel content with where you are and continue growing. 90 days can be life changing and significant and it can be fulfilling, satisfying and complete. Choosing how to move in that time is what creates a path that we can forge or follow to meet our goals and what is truly in our hearts as needs. It is a significant amount of time to foster dreams into reality in a big and small way.

Moving naturally on a 90 day cycle means we can take the time to reassess if what we’re doing is working or if it needs to be changed. It is a perfect window for recharging and motivating ourselves to continue while recognizing small steps taken. Celebrating those victories and using them to propel us forward to what is next and to continue our journey. Some call this short term goal setting but I think it’s much deeper than that. This is soul level work that influences our health, well-being and life overall. It is not mere goals that once accomplished we set new goals. No, this is about building a relationship with yourself that is solid, beautiful and fulfilling. It knows no end and yet it feels wonderful to be in this process, learning new things and evolving.

My 2020 Wellness Challenge goal is to lose weight and focus on regaining my balance in life against the demands of being a single income household. These goals include some about my business, some about my family and some about me. My 2020 word is balance and how I feel more of that in my life every day. I want to release the stress and strife that makes me grind me teeth and feel sleepless at night. I want to release the burden of feeling I can’t do something because of something else. My 2020 Wellness Challenge is about balance so I can be me and still do what I need to for my family but doing it in a way that honors my needs, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Losing weight for me means physical pounds and emotional baggage so I feel liberated and able to move in the direction that feels fulfilling to me.

Moving into another 90 day frame of mind means we will then be in early summer. School will be letting out and family vacations will be on our minds. We will be welcoming summer weekends cooking out on the grill, playing in the pool and enjoying the summer fruits. We will want to look and feel our best to be able to experience all that summer has to offer. To have that we must plan, prepare and move now in anticipation. We must focus, define and shape that path now. This is work indeed but it is flowing towards a larger experience we want in just 90 days.

What does your next 90 days look like? How will you focus in this time to achieve what you want to feel, look like and experience in June? What do you need to do for that to happen?

Are you ready to begin?

If you’re ready to move more naturally and experience what it means to live more naturally on your terms join our 2020 Wellness Challenge! It’s free.

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