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A Good 90 Day Plan

In January I as part of the 2020 Wellness Challenge I encouraged you to see yourself 90 days ahead. Oh sure you probably wouldn’t lose a ton of weight or maybe be much different at all but I still encouraged you to see what could be different. What could you make happen in just 90 days and what does that look like?

It’s now April so I’d like to ask again, what do you look, feel, do, act, have in just 90 days from now? That would put us about the time schools are letting out for the summer. The weather will be perfect for those beach days and swimming pools. We’ll be planning backyard cookouts and preparing for vacations. Life will be in a new season entirely! How do you want to feel at that time? What do you want to look forward to in your summer season?

For me summer is the best season of the year! It starts early where I live, often in fact by April we are starting to enjoy the pool and beat summer vacationers to the beach. I feel alive in summer. My energy is higher and I crave that leisurely lifestyle summer brings. While I still have to work for most of it summer evenings and weekends get my vote for the best times ever! There is endless possibilities and fun to be had and it’s where my soul feels it’s best. When I think of 90 days from now I want to see progress in my weight journey that I started in January and be able to go outside in a swimsuit that makes me feel confident. Yes that’s the truth of it. I want to look at least moderately as good as I feel on the inside about summer.

Most women I know struggle with swimsuit season. We love the summer. We love the water and action but we try covering up our bodies in shame and guilt that they are not perfect. I’m not interested in the perfect model body but I want mine to be able to hold the energy I want to feel so I can play more and live up the time in summer I have to do things I love. I want to move without my thighs sticking to one another as I walk. I want my stomach to be flatter and my arms less flabby. I want to feel healthy and look like I am actually healthy. I don’t want to miss one single day of summer because I don’t feel my best.

In 90 days I can make progress to that vision of what I see for myself now. I can take action and apply support where I need it to build on where I am. What’s lovely about looking at a 90 day health goal is we can take those little baby steps that give us momentum, keep our interest and that little nudge of progress to keep us going. You can do anything for 90 days. Yes You Can! The trick is figuring out what that looks like for you.

  • Is it eating more salads now that fresh vegetables are returning to farmer’s markets?

  • Do you start waking in the morning earlier to eat a good breakfast before work?

  • Do you start walking in the evenings with the family after dinner?

  • Is it the right time to start making your lunch and meal prepping?

  • Are you ready to stop negatively talking about your body and start loving it more?

  • Are you ready to feel better?

  • Where can you put it in your budget to make it possible?

  • Is it the right time to reduce toxic load and detox from your lifestyle to start a natural health journey?

Assessing where you are now and where you want to go in just 90 days is powerful. It’s so much less judgmental too! We know we are not perfect. Our body has lumps, bumps, rolls and things we don’t like yet it is a place we call home. We can make it better. We can work in an area for the next 90 days that makes us proud of our accomplishment. We can build on that success and move into another area for even more progress! We can feel incredibly better than where we are now in just 90 days. Maybe that is just enough that we can go outside and be a little more confident and assured we are still beautiful and alive and able to have a fun summer!

My own journey started in January and I continue to work in these 90 day windows of time. There are times I swear no progress is happening at all but then I realize how wrong I am. Things that I started trying to do in January are not a problem for me anymore. My energy is higher than it’s been in a long time. I’m interested in what is going in and on my body. My relationship with my body is improving a little more each day too. As I look back so many things have improved and I’m on my way to a goal I once thought completely out of reach. Now I have hope I can make it and motivation to keep working on it. Sometimes all it takes it breaking it down to small steps and working a little each day towards it.

As you look ahead to when we are arriving at the time schools are releasing and your family is preparing for summer what do you see? How are you feeling and what’s on your heart? What does your body feel like? How are you feeling in your own skin? Start now and see where you can get by June. Start now and focus a little bit each day towards what it will take to experience that feeling 90 days from now.

I will be using these products and oils the next 90 days to support my own natural health journey. My journey is intentionally aligned to living more naturally without chemicals and toxins. I’m not interested in magical pills or get skinny quick schemes. I want to feel incredible inside out and have that radiate in the way my body feels. I want to love my every area of my body even the areas I’m still working on. I want to feel my best every day with high energy, clear focus and a love for my body, mind and soul that is enriched more with each daily life experience.

  • doTERRA Basil oil for renewal, rejuvenation and support when I feel a little burned out from periods of intensity and stress (diffused and taken in a capsule)

  • doTERRA Slim & Sassy gum for on-the-go support when I hit a craving or temptation I’m not sure I can avoid on my own

  • doTERRA Life Long Vitality for daily nutritional supplemental support and vitamins my body needs to repair, grow and operate at it’s best

  • doTERRA Cassia for growing in comfort in my own body and stop hiding it regardless of it’s shape, weight, lumps and bumps (diffused and applied with lotion to areas of my body where I feel least confident)

(to order the products I mention above click here: )

In this next 90 days I’ll be increasing my movement and allowing myself grace when I need rest.

This period is about alignment for me. Aligning my needs in body, mind and soul so I can forgive myself if I need a day off from my workout. Pushing myself but also knowing where I’m not ready to go yet. Understanding and listening to all the areas of my being and honoring how they feel, where they are changing and growing and giving myself the support to continue that in a positive healthy way. Punishing myself with intensity that doesn’t feel good and isn’t aligned to what I need isn’t the path to long term success for me. I want to want it and move in the direction of things that do feel incredible to me and support my health journey.

What does your 90 day plan look like?

Are you ready to align with your body, mind and soul to be more healthy?

Are you ready to improve and enrich the relationship you have with yourself?

Join us in the 2020 Wellness Challenge Member’s Forum to meet others just like you. Those interested in living their best life and being healthy. Those growing and changing in their own time and in their own way while we support, encourage, inspire and uplift each other. It’s free to join.

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