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A Journey of Living Naturally

Admittedly, when I first started using essential oils I thought it wouldn’t last for me. There was just some little bottle of something I would use for one thing and I would grow bored of it or it wouldn’t work and I’d be done with it. I was following a trend and being cool. Looking back at that now I realize how silly I was in thinking this was a short term thing. I have been on this journey for a while now and still feel like I am just beginning it. There is always something new I am learning or some new area of curiosity that comes from this exploration.

I still buy products but the use of essential oils has changed what I buy. Now it is likely you will find products in my home that contain essential oils or there will be these little brown bottles sitting in almost every room. Where there was once cans of sprays and candles are now diffusers. My cleaning caddy has a mix of spray bottles and jars filled with liquids of things I have created and use to clean the house. The cabinet above my washer has detergent and fabric softener like it always has but what those products are now are completely different from the heavy expensive large bottles that once filled that space.

It is not just my cleaning products that changed but me too. I see how our health has changed and how much less we get sick. It interests me what we can do to protect ourselves from viruses, germs and illnesses where once I never thought about it until we were sick with something. I’m aware of what can make us sick and I work to prevent it more than I ever have before in my life.

My journey in discovering all of this started with essential oils but that was just the doorway into a lot of other ways my life would transform. This is where I feel like the common user of oils misses out. They see only an oil that smells good or has a limited use but when you unlock the emotional side of the oils you get a completely new dimensional use. This is where the oils have really supported the transformation in my life and the journey I find myself on these days. When we can actually dig into what makes us feel a certain way emotionally and physically I believe we tap into the true nature of health itself.

That awareness that we can create health as a whole person and not just with our physical body is what I feel is overlooked in our healthcare system. Having worked in healthcare for over 30 years the idea we are a whole person is still quite limited in traditional care and certainly by health insurance companies. Too many of us still believe it is only our arm, leg or some body part that needs to be fixed when so many of our health problems derive out of our very lifestyle emotionally, spiritually and physically together. The journey to connect these elements of our being is what changes our health story.

What we feed our body influences our energy that is stored and used by not only our physical cells but also our mood, how we think, what we believe and what we do. As an example, if we live off junk food we ourselves often feel low on energy, our mood is depressed and we physically don’t feel our best. It satisfies a craving we have that is deeper than our physical craving for a sweet. Yet when we work to transform our health to feed it fresh natural foods we change that energy, mood and what that food does in our life. We see it differently and it influences every corner of our being.

One of my favorite examples of this is with dieting. We think if we only lose weight we will feel better. True if we lose a few pounds we may in fact feel more confident, our clothes will fit better and we may have more energy. Yet diets are restrictive, they are hard to keep up and maintain, they don’t work because we have to constantly start a new one every Monday. Yet what if we instead of dieting, chose to use food, what we do for activity and how we treated ourselves in a day as a diet instead? What if it wasn’t this restrictive and prescriptive thing we did as punishment but was rewarding, felt good and enticed us with encouragement to do it more?

A journey of living naturally is not a prescriptive diet of what hasn’t worked for us before. It is an exploration of what is right for us that helps us live our best life naturally every day. The one where we feel our best and it feels so good to feel good we keep doing it every day. It is positive energy, uplifting encouragement and an attractiveness that draws us to it rather than limiting us to half a banana and dictated dos and don’ts. I have found the journey of living naturally influences every corner of my life not just my weight and that it makes me feel like the whole complete person that I am.

Here’s the part of the experience that I have also realized as a benefit, it fits in my budget. The more changes I made to products we used in the house and personal care needs to be more natural the less I was spending on them. This supported buying better nutritional foods that fed my family. This led to empowerment of confidence to navigate other changes in my life to support feeling my best. This opened doors for me to choose what was right for me rather than just doing what I had always done.

The journey of living naturally well is about personal responsibility and choices to do what is right for yourself. It is the release of any other option that does not align to that too. From what we do for a living, what we clean our home with and more it all leads to our center of health. It becomes what is important to us rather than standards set by others of what a happy life looks like.

For more information and how I can help you begin your journey to living naturally well, chat with me at

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