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A Wealth of Normal

Who doesn’t like normal? It feels well normal compared to dramatic and upsetting. Normal is the stuff we use to describe our days as alright. Nothing stellar but not bad. It is the routine of normal that we often miss when it is catrostopically interrupted like it was in 2020. Normal is what we pursue because it lets us be comfortable in life. It feels good to be normal too.

The trouble is we accept too much in our life that is anything but normal. Oh it will be alright it is just for a short while right? Then months go by and we’re still feeling that pressure and stress. It is not normal as we knew it but we begin to feel it as a new normal we exist in. Not quite comfortable but familiar and normal. It is the familiar normal we accept without question or tolerate for longer than we should that ends up changing to the negative. When normal isn’t healthy anymore but we do it anyway because we don’t think we have a choice. Normal is of course all relative.

I believe normal is natural and we don’t protect it enough. We think it is more flexible than it really is and a little less than normal keeps life interesting. I agree it does feel good to break the routine every now and then, get some fresh air to the situation and let changes flow. Yet it is when normal feels changed outside our control that realize part of our own power is also missing. Normal should feel like that favorite pair of well worn jeans that feels good every time we put them on. We can rely on them to fit us on our worse and best days. Their flexibility molds to our needs perfectly.

When I work with someone just starting out to live more naturally we are looking for the things to add to their normal and make it more enriching, improved and supported. We are looking for the molded fit perfect for their situation and able to flex where they need it to support healthy changes. Improving our normal is healthy and gives us that energy to see life as beautiful and possible. When normal feels restrictive and limiting we know it is normal but we don’t have to stay like that either.

Choosing to improve our normal is what it means to build our natural wealth. We are investing in ourselves to have a better life, feel better, gain confidence or some other skill or enrichment we are pursuing in our life. If it feels normal to not feel good every day then it’s time to change the normal. Controlling and building that view is what empowerment looks like. It is defining and acting on what is right for ourselves to have the life that fits us best. The one where we are happy, healthy, feeling our best and living our best life every day.

The caution I put up here is that no essential oil or natural product will create that for us. They can help and they do help a lot but the work to apply and create change still stems from us. We have to do more than just wish for a better life. It is normal to do so but for it to manifest we have to pursue it and create it little by little every day until our normal is revolutionized. Since change is the opposite of normal that’s where tools like natural products support us in that work.

I prefer to think of normal as that stage we find ourselves while we work to introduce further healthy improvements to our life. Normal is best experienced when it evolves to enrich our life. The forced changes, stress responses and negative changes are the ones that create this necessity to have normal feel restrictive and unpleasant. Those types of changes should not be our normal and if they are it’s time to overhaul our experience. Living in a constant response state breaks our normal balance eventually with burnout, exhaustion and adrenal fatigue. Those stresses are not meant to be the long term view of what a wealth of normal feels like every day.

I believe it is time we reclaim our normal. That healthy normal we all deserve in our life. We have endured enough of the unhealthy hard things like isolation, distance and economic shutdowns. Those have burdened our society and us individually. Natural normal is where we thrive, build, create and manifest things that support healthy living. We honor our health, strive to support it the best we can and establish a normal that feels good to wake up to every day. Anything less is letting normal control and hold us back.

If you’re ready to reclaim your natural normal, let’s talk! Explore my website at and get started on your journey to live naturally well.

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