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Aligning with Clarity & Commitment

Alignment isn’t a thing where we wake up one day and just happens or decide things are going to be aligned in our life from this point forward. This is where we start at a line we cross to begin the work in achieving alignment. It is both a beautiful and challenging process of transformation in our entire being. At times it will seem we are not changing at all but we are in fact subtly and in our own pace. Realizing this process is our own and not a competition or specific time bound event lets us relax and lean into the process of transforming into alignment.

As soon as we decide we want to focus on alignment though we seem to encounter resistance, challenge and barriers. It’s like the entire Universe heard we wanted to lose weight, be healthier, love ourselves more or set healthy boundaries and it started setting up an obstacle course in our way. You tell a loved one or friend you want to eat better and they bring cake to celebrate. You share a dream of starting your own business and your friends don’t support you. Everything that can be challenging and make it harder will come up for you in this time of desired change. This is in truth a test.

The Universe wants to support and love us in achieving our goals, dreams, desires and anything we want in life. However, before that energy is spent doing that, there is are two huge questions we must answer and be so strong in our responses on that it will indicate upfront if we’ll make it or not. Doing this will align us with the Universe and give us exactly what we need to make anything possible, us unstoppable and dreams a reality.

How committed are we to it?

How clear are we on what we really want?

We get a lot of creative, inspiring ideas and dreams. We want a lot of things in our life. We see ourselves a certain way in the future living a life we think would be great. A lot of these ideas and visions are passing by in our day of just wishing we were somewhere else than where we find ourselves now. Perhaps that’s in a job we don’t love, a body that doesn’t feel good, buried under a bunch of debt we can’t see to the top of each month. Often what we think we want is really just a relief from where we are. Anything is better right? Grass is always greener than where we’re standing. It’s much like window shopping and believing it’s impossible for us to have anything better but boy would it be wonderful to have it.

Life would be better if we only…

Unless we are firm in what we want we are not committed to it or the work it will take to get it. Moving on those ideas, dreams, visions is work. It takes commitment that is firm, life changing and deep. If we’re really not committed and clear on what we want we won’t achieve results that last either. We’ll be building our dreams on sand instead of concrete. Most of us just seek temporary relief from situations we are unhappy in rather than soul shifting transformations that change our entire life.

The other side of this is change is uncomfortable and while we don’t like where we are and are unhappy there is comfort in misery. Misery also loves company so we find lots of people who are just like us – unhappy. It’s familiar at least and we can talk about those other people who are out there trying to do something different and laugh when they stumble from the comfort of our own miserable yet comfortable place. Rather than set ourselves up with failure and frustration, we have to start with a level of commitment to what we are wanting to achieve and understand (and accept) that is hard work and it means stepping into some new light that can be scary, uncomfortable and people may laugh when we stumble on the journey of changing. They won’t support us. They will see it as a waste of time. They won’t believe it possible.

How committed you are determines how well you overcome the resistance of believing how it is now is the only way it can be forever. How committed you are gives you the endurance to get up when you stumble and keep trying despite what anyone else thinks, says, supports you on or believes. It matters what you believe and what you are committed to achieving.

The second element to alignment is clarity. When you are really clear, I mean so clear it is like a runaway train on a single mission in every aspect of your being. You are so clear on something it is the dawning of a new day with energy and laser focus unlike anytime before that you have experienced. This level of clarity is required to achieve alignment and have the results we realize be just right for us. If we are unclear the results will seem empty, have less sparkle and be frustrating to us in doing all this work for what we thought would be fantastic but is meh! We will then revert to our former level of misery and think people are crazy for trying to better themselves. You tried it and it wasn’t great. You failed. You lost it. Why bother doing it again?

When we take the time to get soul level clear on what we want and in what it means to our life we see the path forward. Our intuition is never wrong. That is our soul telling us what we really need in our life. We may not see the full path of how to get it and achieve it but we can take that leap of faith we are smart enough to figure it out. The type of clarity that gives us that strong commitment to change and to see this clear vision emerge to what is truly possible. Barriers, naysayers, challenges and the Universe’s test of our goals will still be there all along but we won’t hear it, see it or let it slow us down. We will learn from the experiences that come up and let it form and fuel us to continue on this path.

Aligning with clarity and commitment is about living more on your terms and letting go of place where we are. It is realizing it is a journey that transforms us. The process is beautiful and soul shifting but it is not without a lot of resistance because many are afraid to embark on that path.

Hold fast my friend with a clear heart full of what you know is right for you and you cannot fail.

If you are ready to embark on your alignment journey of natural health and well-being start with my Lifestyle & Wellness Questionnaire.

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