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Aligning with Wellness

Getting fit, improving health and even just eating better can seem like it is an added expense. You have those that say not investing in your health and spending some money in this area is a recipe for disaster and to some extent they are right. Where we hit a problem however is when we overspend, going head first into overdrive with it all and not realizing how much we really don’t need and could still reach our health goals. The reality for most of us is fitness becomes just another area where we excessively spend and see no results.

We have a treadmill and a weight machine in our home. There have been long period of time where both went unused. I’ll get to it I would tell myself and then somehow another month would pass with them collecting dust. When we first purchased these machines they were used all the time. As goes most things life got busy, our son came along, we lost interest, we didn’t have time and the myriad of normal excuses appeared. Since starting the 2020 Wellness Challenge in January though I have had a renewed motivation to resume using these machines. What I have found is key to it all is consistency. (by the way you can join me in the 2020 Wellness Challenge for free in the Member’s Forum at )

Developing consistency is not easy. There are so many things that can come up to change your schedule, take away your time and redirect your interest. We also have our own excuses for why we just don’t feel up to it. It’s so easy to stay sitting there scrolling social media going mind numb than think about my legs hurting with shin splits on the treadmill. It’s so much more comfy to be barefoot than put on my sneakers. My workout clothes are in the wash. I’ve tried every excuse I can think of this year and then realized I’m not aligning with myself when I do these things. I’m missing a part of focusing on myself in a meaningful and direct way each and every time I make an excuse instead.

I chose the theme of alignment this month for not only the financial aspects of living naturally but also the physical, emotional and spiritual impacts it has on our lifestyle. Think about it, how many decisions do we make in a day where we don’t really think about what we are doing? We just do it. We hand over our credit card with a temporary high of this being a good thing for us to be doing. We then get distracted with something else and something behind that. This cycle impacts our health physically because we’re distracted by things that are not improving our health but making us more sedentary. Our emotions are tied up in a ball of haywire because we’re ignoring what we are feeling and burying it deeply with things and stuff. Our spirits are low because we’re not connecting on a higher level with our whole being and true purpose of what is life really all about. Yet when we clear the noise, unlock the feelings and look at ourselves we don’t know what to think, feel, do, or act. We have lost the very connection to ourselves.

Reclaiming ourselves as natural human beings with needs, feelings, experiences and thoughts is as simple as taking a walk and using all your senses. It is as simple as realizing we don’t need piles of new workout clothes, equipment, gym membership and more to capture our health. We have all we need and it’s actually pretty simple to align on what to do when we listen to our body. When we actually teach our minds to listen to what our body and heart need transformation is possible. The excuses go away and we move in a way that is motivating, healing and supportive to our health. We put away our credit cards and realize we can do more with less. We can feel and do what is truly right for our health and well-being.

As I focus on how to develop consistency in working out more on the treadmill and weight machine we have I realize it comes down to my own will. I have to realize when I’m making an excuse as to why not it is because I’m not listening to my body, mind and heart in unison. My mind is taking over (again) and pushing to-do lists, deadlines, obligations and more in the front view. My mind is dictating what my whole being should be focused on without consideration for anything else my being needs or craves. Distracting and deflecting from healing, improving, aligning to a deeper level so that it can remain in control and tell me I failed at meeting a goal.

This is where I believe we fester in being our own worse enemy.

When we intentionally focus on listening to all of our needs we being to see commonality. Our body’s desire to move supports our need to release hurt feelings and our mind’s interest in unraveling complex problems. Our whole being can begin to experience a flow that is supportive between our mind, body, emotions and spirit. The result is we actually feel better physically, emotionally and spiritually while our mind is at peace, clear and focused. We are working together in unison with our being rather than letting one area control and dictate everything else. There is a balance needed across our being to foster health and align with what we truly need to help us feel our best, move in the right direction and know where we are intentionally going. None of that costs money either.

The next time you don’t want to do your workout ask yourself why? Don’t just fall for the you don’t feel like it line either! Really dig into it and find where you are misaligned on what your entire being is desiring. Perhaps you need rest and that is ok but make sure it’s not because your mind is acting in command and control for everything and leaving your other being areas suffering.

As I work through my own excuses and foster improved alignment in my wellness I have found great help through the doTERRA Yoga oil collection. These 3 oils are specifically blended to support movement, meditation and clarity. We can use them in a diffuser when we are having these mind battles or when we are working on improving that alignment in our being through some exercise. To get these oils simply click here:

Put on your sneakers and go.

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