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April Natural News

Spring is alive all around us this time of year. Everything is blooming, growing and shows the signs of youth and freshness. We are emerging from our rest awakened in delights of nature. This time of year makes me smile and my heart feel lighter and free just be looking out my window. Of course I want to be out in it, despite the pollen and emerging bugs. I want to feel the fresh air on my skin and the sun beaming down on me like it’s favorite angel I want to shed layers of clothing and bask in warm temperatures. Spring fever is a positive illness to catch I think!

I love spring because it reminds me of the bigger picture in life. All the things that really matter when it comes right down to it. Love. Our connection to each other and to nature. Of living in our true purpose letting our creative spirit soar. It’s free and young. There is a vibrancy and excitement that we describe as this freedom from responsibilities and obligations. I often think of college students headed to a beach for spring break after exams feeling that return of their energy while they celebrate and have fun. We just feel better this time of year. We are alive with fresh hope and creativity flows from new sources so easily.

Ah but creativity doesn’t always pay the bills does it?

We notice so much this time of year including what doesn’t fulfill us and give us joy. Spring challenges us to reconsider what life is all about against the litany of things like tax due dates, budgets and expenses in our life. The challenges of every day living in a world that often forgets and forces us away from what the true bigger picture is in our life. How often I too am guilty of forgetting what’s really important because I have a deadline, need to pay off a bill or hold back versus being free. How we wish for more spontaneity and freedom but the adult in us says we need to be responsible and reserved.

What if we could find a way to balance that more? What if we could be free and had enough of what we need to not feel burdened by the monetary demands for living? I’m not talking of socialism or anything radical on that level but rather how we can change our perspective in how we respond and uphold our dependency on money against what we need in nature? What is organic natural living was accessible to everyone and we could use that good healthy feeling to be more of ourselves? What if we could push back on the demands of working vacations, technology connected to our body and regain our time and energy?

All this month I’m focusing on the topic of what it means to live monetarily more natural. Even though I love natural things in my life I admit openly I love things like air conditioning, lights that come on and food on my table. I enjoy not having to worry how to pay bills or how to cover an unexpected expense. It’s not always easy I know especially being the only income earner but oh how my heart desires it! Being able to live that way and still align it to nature I believe is entirely possible. It’s affordable and it’s necessary. Our body, mind and soul are being crushed by the expectations of our world’s focus on money. It overtakes us and steals our ability to enjoy even a sunny warm day in spring. It prevents us from playing more and instead focusing on the next gain, protection of what we have and how to get more! This movement is ripping out our creativity and conforming us to the subjectivity of mass production, efficiency and high technology. Yet I believe we can control our own life among it all, carving out our own destiny and living on our terms.

Explore this topic with me this month as we focus on taxes, family budgets, savings, vacations and more while looking at how to manage them naturally. Imagine sitting down to pay the bills and not being stressed. Can you even picture being able to pay your taxes in a couple weeks and not freaking out? What if we could do those responsibilities and still enjoy nature? How would we feel if we could do more than wishful thinking about how we would live if we won the lottery? Friend the real lottery is how we can feel every day despite what’s in our bank account.

Living natural in spring is being able to be outside as part of nature. Feeling nature in our soul come alive with fresh ideas, creativity and innovation that can change our life. However for most of us we just feel overwhelmed trying to survive our work day and juggle the family needs.

We’re just trying to pay our bills and give our children a decent life. Those demands on our time and attention at times seem to overtake us. Breaking free from that to remember we too are a person with needs, interests, thoughts and a purpose of a higher calling can be hard to bring forth. If we don’t take care of it then it will all fall apart right? Let’s revisit that and see what the options are shall we?

Are you ready to live more naturally on your terms? Our 2020 Wellness Challenge is focused on our mind this month. The work we’ll do this month supports us in managing the things our mind does that limits, constrains and forces us to do things we are responsible for and learning to balance that with some playfulness, spontaneity and fun. Health and well-being includes not only our physical body but also our mind, heart, soul and spirit. Join us (for free) on the Member’s Forum to get in on the conversation.

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