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August Natural News

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

I love August. Not only is it the month of my birthday but it is the summer month with so much going on. Summer fun is still in full swing but in many areas like my own we start to see the return of school buses. I’m packing lunches, checking backpacks and making sure there are clean socks for that first day of school fast approaching. August is no where near the end of summer in my area by the temperature but there is a definite undertone indicating time is precious for my favorite season.

When you think about the commodity of time how do you see yourself spending it? Do you dreamily think of fun summer days spent doing things you enjoy with people you love? Do you think of travel to exotic places? Or do you think of just enjoying each day doing something special for someone else?

For many of us the commodity of time means putting 40 hours plus a week into our jobs and squeezing in as much familiy and friend time as possible from what is left. The pressure and obligation to make a living has often resulted in completely missing too much of the moments in our lives that are most precious to us! There isn’t a parent I know that doesn’t have some amount of guilt over that but what are the options? Not many of us can say we are independently wealthy and have control for how much we have to work to secure our financial future.

Compounding that problem is the fact that almost 8 million people hold more than one job! We are working part time, running our own businesses and consulting on the side to pay off debts, save up for a big purchase or just have a little extra. So the little bit of time we were squeezing in for family and friends is squeezed even further! This is not a happy way to live that will ultimately bring us fulfillment or satisfaction but again I ask what are the options? Are we just destined to work until we fall flat?

I started Dragonspit Apothecary as a way to offset a growing unsettling fact that I couldn’t count on my full time career to always be there for me and my family. Many of you too have seen layoffs, restructuring and other situations that have left you uncomfortable with feeling you can count on your job. I was burned out from that feeling and wanted something I could actually count on. It’s not always been easy to balance working full time and my small business but it’s been definitely rewarding. If you’ve ever thought about how to offset the risk of your primary job you are not alone nor are you limited to just minimum wage work.

Freedom in Direct Sales

Starting your own business is expensive and stressful. That is why many have turned to the direct sales industry. The stigma of direct sales is waning as more and more people realize the quality, service and value of having someone who personally works with you far outweighs the coldness and impersonal aspects of shopping in chain stores. People are craving connection with those that understand who they are and their unique needs. They want value for their money and service that isn’t fake or forced. They also don’t want to be pushed to buy things they don’t want or are not ready for in their life.

Yes I hear you saying, “but Amy direct sales is hard! People don’t like MLMs!”

At one point in time that was true. There was a negative stigma associated with parties and inexperienced pushy sales approaches that feel gross. However, you don’t have to do it like that and you can be successful. It absolutely is a new day for direct sales that is modern, convenient, secure, fulfilling and rewarding. Sure you can still find a product party and someone out beating the pavement asking you to buy from them but a lot of us have figured out there is a better way.

Millenials particularly have found direct sales as a way to live life on their terms more freely. They are not interested in being tied to a desk with a boss yelling at them about deadlines and stupid reports. They want to have the flexibility to work when and where they want while applying the advanced degrees and skills they have that often go unused in corporate work. They want to use their minds and talents meaningfully. They want to give back to the world and make it a truly better place and those aspirations won’t be met inside a cubicle. They are also using more technology to sell and offer support that are nothing like any MLM you have encountered before.

I have a new ebook out called Living Natural On Your Terms – Creating a Life Outside the Cubicle that offers a perspective on what today’s direct sales business is like and why you should consider it if you’re one of the over 8 million people who are in a position of knowing you need a system of multiple income streams. Why not have a secondary income that really works for you and offers multiple income stream opportunites so that you can walk away from your cubicle for good if you want to?

The Diamond in the Rough

For the next 8 weeks I’m going to be sharing with you on the blog all the ways direct sales fail, how what your upline told you is probably not working, what to do when you feel like giving up and how to actually make this business profitable for yourself. I’m uncovering and shining a bright light into why people are anti-MLM and what you can do about it. How it was done before doesn’t have to be how you do it today. You can be successful in direct sales and it doesn’t have to feel icky, rely on your family and friends or be a dreaded non-income producing activity that leaves you seeking minimum wage employment elsewhere. Direct sales is one of the most lucrative ways you can establish financial security and freedom.


You are in a MLM now and it’s not going wellYou have zero support from your upline and you feel aloneYou gave up your MLM because you couldn’t get it goingYou ran out of friends and family to sell toYou have lots of inventory no one is buyingYou’re feeling like it’s a scam or no-win situationYou are looking to not work in a cubicle the rest of your lifeYou want tangible results without working harder for it

Then this is the series exactly for you! I get you and know what all of those feelings are like. I get why people don’t want to hear about your products and why you’re not selling them very successfully. I get why you gave up on your business because people weren’t showing up to your product parties. I am here deeply encourage you to look at direct sales in a way you have never seen it before; as the business opportunity not many people will actually show you it can be and how to do it.

To compliment this series I am rolling out my brand new Choose Your Path bundles. These are toolkits that work in today’s modern day direct sales business and are not anything like you have been given by your upline to use. It is the mentoring and support you may not have received, it is the templates and tools to guide you and it is the encouragement that you need. If you’re ready to get serious and have a business you are proud of and that actually fills your bank account this is what needs to be in your hands.

Where to Begin

Let’s walk on this journey together and explore what it looks like to not have to live the rest of your best years squeezing time. You can control more of your financial fate than you realize!

Be sure you are subscribed to my blog to catch all of the posts in this series! There are 8 weeks of content dedicated to this subject. You can get them directly in your mailbox by subscribing to the blog right here:

To get a copy of my new ebook Living Natural on Your Terms – Creating a Life Outside the Cubicle check out my YouTube Channel for a special discount code. Also, if you purchase one of my Choose Your Path bundles this book is free! It’s time to start your own business and get out of that cubicle!

If you’re ready to start your own direct sales business and get into one that works, without being that person who nags your friends and family and having a team that actually supports you then check out my Choose Your Path bundles and get started!

Happy August my friends! I look forward to sharing these powerful posts with you and helping you live a natural life on your terms.



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