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August Natural News

I’m starting with the exclamation that I have no idea how it became August already. It truly seems since we have emerged from the social distancing situation earlier this year that time has gone on uber speed mode. It feels like we are running all the time, catching up and just trying to keep up! While I know we were all ready to be out of our houses and have somewhat back to normal activities I don’t think we expected to be full speed non-stop like we are.

It feels good to move and be out doesn’t it?

It’s like being let out of school on the last day before summer break and we are can’t wait to get to the beach. We go a little crazy in the excitement. We are happy and our energy is high. What was once dull and heavy feels less impacting to our mood and energy. We crave sun, fun and easy living as fast as we can get to it. For many this has meant getting back to being able to pay bills through employment and rebuilding savings. For others it means taking that family trip that had to be postponed or delayed to see relatives or take an adventure. We all have this energy right now and it’s a positive, uplifting vibration going through the world.

The problem with this energy is we can create a personal frenzy that creates pressure. We feel an urgency so we don’t necessarily pause long enough to think about what we need, where we’re going or what we’ll do along the way. We can’t see clearly through the haze of energy glaring at us to go. It’s very easy to be swept up in it and forget everything else! Yet this is exactly the moment we need to be honing in on our needs, dreams and desires. It is exactly the time to heed what is most innate and natural for us to be pursuing for the long term.

The energy we’re feeling can be used to align our lives to more natural aspects of how we live, what we do and where we put our time, money and talent. It is necessary and critical we take that short pause to make sure we are equipped for what is next and make sure where we’re going is right for us, our family and our environment. It is wonderful to have our reclaimed freedoms but it is also necessary to consider how we responsibly use them for our best interests.

How can we do things differently now that are better for us?

What can we build to secure our future and protect our world?

What better time than now to consider how we channel the energy we feel to making things better in our world? Building on the health nature started to show while we were all locked down. Cleaning up our spaces to support all of our health more naturally so we can be stronger the next time a major virus threatens us. Living more aligned to what is right for each of us so we can experience true self-sufficiency, resilience and independence. Learning from the experience we went through and taking steps to change the path forward so it is exactly perfect for us.

All this month I’m focusing on the word LEARN. While I too feel this energy of reclaimed freedom and prosperity, I also feel a strong pull to apply changes so things are different and better. I feel a need to change and expand even more in my natural living journey to further safeguard and protect what I want in my life. It is important to me now more than ever from this experience to secure financial freedom and live life more on our natural terms. What a comfort it was to know we had what we needed during that time but next time will we? Can we survive something even more devastating and threatening? What can we learn from that experience to change our world for the better now?

When I think of this word LEARN I of course think of kids going back to school and being back into a regular routine. I also however think of our own capacity to learn and how we do it best when we feel our best. When we are receptive and open to new ideas and enriching even what we know as familiar. Letting knowledge evolve and change over time so we are constantly presented with opportunities to learn something new and experience it differently. As we move into the world again, it is with a heart of learning how we can be better humans and caretakers to the world and one another.

I see LEARN as also a way for us to breathe deeper into gratitude for our ability to make changes as we learn more and adapt to a new way of living. This energy we are all feeling is an invitation to heed the calling from nature to do exactly that. Learn, grow, emerge and reclaim living more naturally. It is channeling this energy we all feel into an ongoing vibration that heals us and our world giving us all the opportunity to live better, healthier and longer lives.

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