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Basic Success Recipe for 2021

As I sit thinking of all the goals I want to achieve for Dragonspit Apothecary this year I am reminding of how far I have come. I am looking at the last few years in awe of how much I have learned, been through, accomplished and stumbled at. I am most proud of the fact that I’ve stuck with it and see the glimmer of possible start to emerge. That’s the thing no one tells you when you start out with your own business, all the moments when you start to doubt yourself there is always this little glimmer that you can hang onto. It’s not always visible to others and sometimes it tests our own faith of existence but trust me it is there.

This year I see that possibility be a little stronger and taller. I hope for those big sweeping moments that shift growth quickly. Realistically though, I plan for the small incremental steps of growth that give the consistency of progression an upward trend. When I set goals it is always with a mix of dreams and realism set to challenge and encourage me. This process of goal setting all directly linked to that long term aspiration I hold tight to the strong memory of that one day that started it all. The moment when nothing more than a simple yes was spoken from my voice and that glimmer appeared.

Last year I welcomed new partners to my business. I shared with them all I had learned and admitted where I was still learning. I encouraged and coached the best I could and helped them launch with excitement. It feels good to see others start their journey towards reaching their dreams. It recharges my own actions and keeps me going on a focused mission of expanding even more. What I have learned is the business itself is basic but it’s our own motivation and persistence that determines how far we will take it. That energy is key to business success in any year but especially when you’re hitting those first bumps of people telling you no, not calling you back or you’re just short on a milestone.

It is not for everyone. Realizing that and accepting it is difficult but a necessary refinement providing much more clarity in my business. Not everyone understands it, appreciates what it represents or are simply afraid to try it. I strongly believe we have been conditioned to think it cannot work and it’s only for those special people. We hold this limiting belief we are not that special, lucky or even that we lack the time to create something more in our life. We talk about wanting more, better, easier and have dreams of what that looks like but sadly most of us never pursue what could make that reality. It’s easier to say we can’t.

Going into 2021, I have goals for myself and Dragonspit Apothecary that promise hope of being steps closer to seeing my own dreams come to fruition. The journey of realizing I have this power to be my own wish maker and creator has been an awakening in my life. It is so powerful that I often am not sure if I should just fully unleash it or try to contain it to keep up! It feels bigger than me and yet it feels exactly like me and what I think is entirely why I am here. Helping others see that in themselves is what fuels that energy spreading it like an out of control fire destroying all the old beliefs that were not leading where we really want to go. It is what happens when others say yes in the right place, time and dynamic for themselves.

I had a motto in 2020 that called me out on my own bullshit when I started to waver. You can’t make money/health/dreams come true/fill in the blank and excuses at the same time. It’s often our very own excuses of why we can’t that holds us back.