Basically it Naturally Worked

I love the success stories, especially the ones where someone says it was so easy. Hearing this always reminds me that sometimes it truly is the most basic of things that can transform us in a new way. The easy part though is what makes me wonder. If it were easy wouldn’t everyone do it? If it worked that well with being easy why do we not have more success stories? Is it truly easy or is this a case-by-case situation?

It never occurred to me there was simpler way to lose weight. Sure there are success stories of people losing weights doing a variety of things and I’ve tried a few of them with varying results. Nothing ever seemed to stick though and soon after I’d be right back where I started or worse off with even more weight to lose. Or my favorite is when I weigh myself religiously week after week and see gains despite working really hard that week at what I eat. As I got older it seemed I wasn’t ever going to lose the weight that was slowly piling on. I’d give up at times feeling defeated for awhile before I’d try again in a vain attempt to find this illusive easy success. I wasn’t looking for quick but rather just hope. Just a sign that something, anything was working and I was at least on the right path.

In May of last year I signed up for a 12 week virtual personal trainer program that my work was offering for free. I don’t know what made me hit the button to sign up as I’ve never been one that loved working out. It however was just the right moment for me to try something, anything once again to try and work on this weight of mine. I was tired of my clothes not fitting and the ones that did feeling snugger each time I got dressed. I was tired of being tired too. With being stuck at home due to COVID, I thought why not.

I diligently followed every single instruction each week with Abby with three exceptions. First, I didn’t take my measurements and I didn’t weigh myself at the beginning of the program. Secondly, I didn’t change my eating. Third, I did take my doTERRA natural supplements consistently. Everything else was the exact same and this was simply an experiment to see if I could make it all 12 weeks. Plus I figured I could just notice if my clothes were fitting better as a sign of progress. It was all just to see if this gave me a kickstart of something I could stick with that would give me a small sign of progress along the way.

None of it was graceful but I got through each workout feeling my muscles tingle and sweat everywhere. I would often find myself laying on the floor afterwards feeling like I was never going to be able to move again. Yet I would move eventually out of thirst usually. The weeks passed and while I never looked forward to the workouts I eventually found I didn’t mind them either