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Basics of Living Naturally Well

The turning of the page in my calendar felt powerful. It felt intentional and necessary. A fresh page and new beginning. A path forward. My mind is full of anticipation of how this year can be different and better. I feel ready for a new journey that has a gentler road, milder winds and beautiful scenery. I feel in need of connecting on a new level, leaning into my wisdom and navigating fresh opportunities. That’s what a new year promises all by turning a page.

There are times when things are more challenging, we endure leaner times and go through storms that teach us resilience, endurance and strength. They test our own boundaries and limits. Last year, I felt many of us experienced these things and feel ready to move beyond them. It feels like a time to heal, rebuild, reconnect. The times that are hard make it challenging to appreciate the lessons and skills we are building and yet they make us smile deeper and appreciate more the times when things are gentler. My body, mind and spirit feel in need of gentler times. While I cannot predict what will come, I know sometimes even during challenging times we find the most precious of memories and rest along the way.

This year is just a blank page waiting to be filled. Right now it doesn’t look unlike any other month we enter with boxes and dates waiting to hold our life. It will become a record of my life reflective of what I considered important being written in different colored ink pens and pencils that were nearby at the moment. I often wonder if I looked back at my older calendars would I still think what I wrote down back then as important? I know I cannot change time but the message of this blank page reminds me to make this time count. To fill these spaces with what matters and pursue the linkages between them that lead to the reality of my dreams and goals.

Above it all, this space needs to support my endeavor to be myself and live naturally well, growing more enriched in wisdom for how to achieve this goal. This year I am embarking on a journey of what that means and how to achieve it little by little in these little blocks of a calendar page. By exploring this topic I think more of my blank calendar pages will start to change in what they become filled with that eventually leads to larger transformation. The transformation I desire is a deeper understanding how to be me, comfortable in my skin, confident in my actions and stronger in each step towards what is right for me. The blocks on my calendar will start to reflect what I consider important to supporting living naturally well. It is more than the appointments and to-dos but rather the actual map unfolding before me on how to get there.

I think sometimes I overlook the simple, basic things I can do that would lead to bigger changes. I overlook how something simple could actually influence progress on a goal. It perplexes me why I always seem to think the harder, more complex solution is the right one. Too often, I have undergone a more complex solution thinking it perfect only to end up at the starting place realizing I could have solved it faster, more effectively and meaningfully by using what was just right in front of me. Living well naturally feels like simple, basic goodness that requires me to reconsider these more primitive foundations of truth I took for granted.

I also believe it is a misconception that simple doesn’t mean luxurious. There is nothing more luxurious than being able to feel well, to move in grace and confidence. There is nothing more healthy than our own physical mind, body and spirit’s well-being that enables us to go through out days happy and powered to achieve what is in front of us. Building health often evolves our own thinking developing into wisdom that we have what we need and know how to use it for our own benefit. We can rely on nature and her wealth of beautiful bounties to support our needs and let our spirit rest in safe peace within her arms. Living in simplicity only sounds simple.

It is a journey where we share, connect and serve others as much as we do this within our own being. We hold the gifts of living in our hands and come to the place of inner knowing that we are living naturally well.

Join me on the twists, bumps and turns of this wonderful journey for what it means to live naturally well. I begin this journey exploring the basic necessities and how to use them in our daily life. Together we will apply and expand our knowledge to other areas of what it means, feels like, grows into, represents and does to our very life when we live naturally well. It is time to fill our life and calendars with things that show our way forward to living in peace, well-being and grace. We begin with the BASICS.

Video introduction to the topics of this year and why I believe it is an important theme to discover after the year we have all been through.

The blog calendar of this year is outlined as follows for this year’s journey of living naturally well:













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