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Be Your Own Unicorn

You know how you go on a diet to lose a few pounds and you’re really determined about it? It seems one of two things happen. Suddenly everyone is on a diet too, telling you how great they are doing on it or you are surrounded by friends offering to buy you lunches. Not everyone thrives working as a team all the time. Sometimes we do really just want to be unique and do it our own way.

What I have realized on my journey to live more naturally is it truly is about my own journey. Not that it is wildly different than other people’s journey but it has brought out my own identity. I’m less afraid to let the real me step forward. Maybe it’s age and not caring as much what others think but I prefer to think it’s because I’ve come upon the secret to living well. Why do I have to be old to know and enjoy that? The more I push to be myself and even go opposite what is trending the more I feel at peace with who I am. My choices become truly my own and I feel my own voice coming through my words. That is the luxury of living naturally well in my opinion.

It isn’t that I don’t care what others think, because sometimes I do and sometimes I need to care. Like with my job, I do care what my boss thinks particularly when it comes to how well I’m doing in my work. But even in my work the deeper I’ve journeyed into the core of living naturally well I find I’m able to bring forth changes in how I treat my job. It still matters but my peace of mind, state of being and well-being are more important now. I hold tighter to not losing myself in the daily chaos of roles and demands. I save space for myself to continue being me and filling my needs.

What I think happens is most of the time we really crave that space to call our own. We want to be seen as different and special and yet we fall into the thinking it’s not possible. With the billions of people on this Earth who can really be singled out unless they are uber rich, famous or in a big scandal? So we all fall into wearing the same jeans and following the trends of what we are supposed to do in life. Who made those rules up anyway? When did we sign away our right as humans to just be ourselves?

What sets us apart and gives us our own voice is the ability to recognize we don’t need to follow the crowd. I think too often we are afraid of what we will lose when we do this and yet it is one of the most inclusive and liberating things I’ve ever done in my life. The minute I stopped caring what someone thought about me selling essential oils “in my spare time” my sales soared beyond what they had ever been before. The day I chose to stop falling for the lie that drinking diet soda was healthy I began a series of activities that would change my health. The time when I no longer bought store cleaners and instead made my own I started changing my family’s budget. I took a stand to be different against what was popular, normal and expected and it felt incredible.

None of the things I did were extraordinary and yet they were life changing for me. They were not the things of social media posts and yet I was becoming different more and more. I was stepping away from the trend and becoming my own person. I felt different. I felt more alive, conscious and sensitive to what was happening around me. I was more attuned to where I could help make a difference on a larger scale. It opened a door for me to feel more like me. The real me inside that I rarely had time for before. The fat, tired, overwhelmed and stressed out me that was dying inside at all I felt I was failing at in life was going away as a result.

Living more natural means having a luxury in your life that you can be comfortable being you. You can wear whatever you want that makes you feel like a rockstar. You can let go of the reservations and I can’ts in life and start living it boldly every day. This is not one of those sporadic times when you say you only live once but rather it is a sensation of that every day. You are set apart because you feel different and no longer care about fitting in. People are attracted to you because they see the real you now and it’s beautiful.

In a time when so much of our life has been hindered through technology, viruses and trend thinking, it can feel awkward at first to stand on your own. It can feel lonely and weird. Yet when we clear the noise and see what is really around us we realize often what was there wasn’t making us happy, fulfilled or content. We may not know right then what will do those things but having the awareness of what wasn’t working is the beginning of the opportunity. It is the open door to see what else is possible and let ourselves come forth with designing our own space. The space where we can be our own unicorn living happily, naturally well.

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