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Christmas Ghost Stories

As a kid it never made much sense to me why there would be ghosts and Christmas together. Ghosts clearly belonged in Halloween and Christmas is all Santa, elves and reindeer. When I would watch the Scrooge movie and see that the ghosts were really about foretelling the future and giving the Scrooge options that was cool and all but again why did it have to be a ghost? Wouldn’t an elf fairy work as well? They can also be scary I think.

The story of the Scrooge and his encounters with three ghosts is still an important story today, ghosts and all. I find it interesting though that it took Christmas and three strange looking ghosts for the Scrooge to realize how limited he had been in doing right by others. His greed, drive for success and disregard for others in that pursuit a hard focus down the middle of the road. How often in our own life are we the same though? Let’s face it we can all see that at points the Scrooge felt taken advantage of and just like us that makes you hesitate the next time.

In many ways it makes sense that ghosts would be part of Christmas. They are reflections of decisions throughout the year and they are foretelling of future conditions as a result. They reflect personal experiences and perspective for how things are in life. It brings sense and support to our decisions and directs us along the paths we choose to take every day. So knowing there are good and bad decisions and choices we make every day using that to propel in the direction we want to go is entirely possible. If you believe in fate, ghosts and elves maybe it’s more entertaining too?

The Ghost of Consumerism

A perfect example of where we can positively influence our future is in the purchasing decisions we make every day. What we buy, what we use and consume and what purpose it serves in our life. To me this goes well beyond just being a person who loves shopping as a sport or hobby and it also goes beyond basic consumerism. No my friend this is about the deep dark knowledge we know already but willingly ignore when we shop because of price tag, convenience and just plain what we’ve always done.

We can all commonly agree that some of the ingredients in products is over the top and not quite healthy or safe. So if a bottle has a caution label and the number to the Poison Control you can rest assured it’s probably a dangerous item. Why then would you want that in your house if you had other options? This is the type of consumerism that we as individuals and collectively as society need to change in our shopping behavior if we want corporations who make those products to actually change. If we want them to stop polluting our environment with chemicals then well we have to stop buying stuff with chemicals in it. This article below says the average household cleaner is the equivalent of 20 cigarettes being smoked in terms of the damage it does to your respiratory system.

So given the choice of cleaning my house or having a cigarette break that will bring the same results… what would you choose?

If we want to change our health we have to stop putting things in, on and around our body that influences our health negatively. Please know I am not saying medicine is bad or doctors are evil.

No, not at all but we have to take responsibility for our health and the things we can do about it before we need medicine and doctors.

The Ghost of Money

I think there should be a ghost of money because for a lot of families, including my own there is often a ghost in the budget. Sometimes it can feel like a whole ghost town! I completely understand tight budgets and having to move things around to make sure bills are covered, shoes are on feet and food is on the table. It’s something many of us have to worry about and deal with on a regular basis.

There is however a misconception about money. Buying good quality things we use isn’t wasted or more expensive. As I’ve written in this blog several times, I have transformed our home to use natural cleaners. I buy some and I make some but the cost to our family budget is overall less than what I was buying before. One of the reasons is the ingredients are simpler and not costly and secondly, you use less each time you use it. It can seem upfront that it “costs more” but the truth is, and I track this every month in our family budget to see the changes, it does not cost more at all. The “I don’t have money for this” excuse we tell ourselves is a misconception and it is impacting our health and home.

If you’re truly interested in revamping your family budget and improving your health it is completely worth investing in natural solutions for your cleaners, personal care and health support. Now you do have to do your research on these things because there are a lot of non-quality stuff out there but you can come out way ahead financially and for your health. (by the way the whole quality concern is exactly why I only use doTERRA for our natural solutions.)

The Ghost of 2020 Change

As you look into the future of what your life can be, what do you see? Are you slimmer and healthier? Do you feel fabulous and beautiful? Is your family healthy and happy? Is your family budget showing signs of positive life? Are you moving in the direction of your dreams and see things in perfect harmony?

What you want in 2020 can happen through more than just wishful thinking and positive intentions. Starting with getting real about what is limiting you and holding you back from making changes is positive and feels liberating. Applying action to those intentions and moving into a plan to see them materialize is even more freeing. I recommend as a non-invasive step 1 taking the Lifestyle & Wellness Questionnaire here:

That will trigger a personalized 90 day plan that you can start applying as soon as January beings and you can start to formulate the ghost of 2020’s positive changes in your health and home. The questionnaire and plan is absolutely free.

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