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Christmas Magic

Sparkle and tinsel. Ribbons and bows. Cocoa and cookies. These my friend are magical things of Christmastime. For some reason ordinary things take on a beautiful magic this time of year and it feels of anticipation and love. So many look forward to this time of year because of those feelings of excitement, joy, happiness and peace. It’s as if we are coming in from a hot desert and craving this beautiful cold cup of water to quench our thirsty soul.

Why is it the feelings we feel at Christmas don’t seem to last that long? How did our lives become so frantic and stressful that these simple feelings of joy and happiness can’t come out as intensely the rest of the year? How do we change that is the real question I have. How do we carry forward these feel good feelings and let them be a part of our every day? Why are we depriving ourselves of how good it feels to feel happy every day? So many questions I know but I like feeling happy and light. It feels good to have a refreshing reason to smile and want to be a part of something larger than me. It is healthy when we are happy.

Living for Paychecks and Fridays

Over 75% of us don’t like our jobs. We do them because we need paychecks but so many of us don’t find pure joy in our work. I think it’s ok to not always like your job but day in and day out unrest at it means there’s something wrong in our society. We were meant to work but we were not meant to be unhappy through it. We realize just how unhappy we are usually at this time of year when we get some time away from our jobs and dread going back to them after the holidays. Did you know the highest peak volume of people seeking new jobs occurs in January and February each year?

I think this unhappiness in our work is for a couple different reasons. One the nature of corporations over time has created these competitive and combative relationships where only “the best succeed.” The best in many cases is who knows who and is very subjective. We are scored, rated and measured according to someone else’s standards and goals. We often feel undervalued, unappreciated and like our input has no place. It’s just easier to do and keep quiet. It’s easier to give up and find out joy elsewhere.

The other major reason I believe work is miserable for us is because of the unstable reliability in our jobs. On any given day thousands of people will be laid off, fired, terminated or displaced. Call it what you will but the end result is these thousands of people won’t have work tomorrow. We are constantly at risk for losing our job taking away our ability to rely and depend on our jobs.

Corporations are not there for us and so there is a large mistrust between employer and employee that creates this underlying misery we have about our jobs. We are living for paychecks and Fridays.

Knowing we need to work and we need to provide for our families this leaves us in a quandary of sorts. By all means we can go live off the grid and find a place to live off the land checking out from society. There are times this actually sounds appealing to me too. However, I think the better answer is to return to one of the foundation beliefs our country was created on – the pursuit of happiness. America was made by the hands of those who were tired of tyranny and unreliability in this livelihood. Hello does this sound familiar today? What is your American Dream today? Right now? Aren’t you tired of it all? Of someone else pulling your strings? Telling you what you’re worth?

My wish for you in this coming year is to find peace in your work. An outlet of creativity and a sense of personal joy in what you work at. For over 11 million people that has meant working a second job or having a small business on the side. I am one of them. My wish for you this season is as you look ahead in the year that you too find that hunger, desire, passion and motivation to seek out solutions that work for you. That you define what your American Dream is and start to pursue it. Become a pioneer in the vast new land of 2020 to find what that is, settle on a spot that fits you and build it from the ground up. Let there be magic in your work!

I wrote over 2 months of posts on why direct sales is a smart strategy to consider and how to do it in the modern world. You can check these posts out on the website (


Just like work we are highly disengaged in our relationships. However at Christmas we feel this joy because we connect with people we care about and get to put our arms around them in deep hugs of love. We put down our phones and look these people in the eye and feel this renewed connection with them that is one only we can share with that person. We feel special. We feel loved. We feel connected.

I have traveled a long time for work and over the years there have been several things I noticed have changed in how other people travel. We use to be able to check our luggage and be free to walk through the airport browsing in the stores reading all the latest magazines and people watching. I still people watch when I travel but what I see today is people bogged down with bags and everyone is looking down at their phones.

We carry a lot of bags in our life both physically and emotionally. We carry these bags in our hands through our phones too. As great as some of the contents of these bags are they are weighing us down – physically and emotionally. We are attempting to make everything look perfect on the outside but inside we are missing that feeling of special, loved, cared for and connected. We are craving that human connection in friends that we just don’t have anymore.

My wish for you in 2020 is that you forge new relationships with real people. Call it your tribe, call them your people but call them. Not text. Not a Facebook meme but an actual phone call or personal visit. Let what you feel at Christmas when you see them be what you pursue in 2020 as often as you can. Let that stir a fire in your belly that wants that feeling all the time and be willing to get it. I promise you it is one of the best ways to carry forward the Christmas magic all year long.

20/20 Vision

I see the year 2020 as the biggest opportunity we can have to reform, transform and build fresh starts in so many areas of our lives. We can truly align our spirits and free them from our current bindings if we really want it. My biggest wish for you is to have 20/20 vision in 2020 that you can see all these opportunities as possibilities and have the endurance, strength and tenacity to go for what you need in your life.

Imagine this time next year where you’re reading this blog and thinking to yourself my how far I’ve come. Look at all that I was able to accomplish all because I pulled against what didn’t feel good for me anymore and sought the real stuff that life is about. Here’s to your American Dream and desire for connection that can be yours! Here’s to Christmas Magic and potency that this particular Christmas magic can bring you in the coming year!

If you’re ready to put the pieces in play to bring your 20/20 vision into reality in 2020 join me in our Member’s Forum. There you will find like minded souls seeking the same as you – a life lived more naturally on their terms. We welcome you.

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