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Crossing the Line in Direct Sales

Doesn’t it feel incredible when you find that one person you completely click with and things flow beautifully between you? You feel different. There is an energy that heightens your awareness like an awakening from a deep slumber. It is like noticing something that had been there all along and being completely taken with the beauty, awe and joy it brings you. When we find that energy with another person its an incredible uplifting experience that can bring you to new heights, propel you in a specific direction or just feel complete.

I have had the honor of getting to work closely with someone these past few months that has drastically changed my business and awakened in me the possibilities of what could actually be. It has been exciting shoulder-to-shoulder work that we both feel inspired, moved, and fulfilled by doing. It’s like we both discovered this incredible concept and have found a way to turn it into a meaningful tangible asset. It at times feels like we are in our own world with this deep inspirational creation we are forming and we’re both ok with that. The beauty of this connection is that we are both selling the same products, we both have businesses we are focused on improving and we are both intently working together to lift one another up in this creative process. There are big things ahead for us in this partnership.

The Sacred Circle

In my prior post I talked about being vulnerable and trusting yourself to improve your confidence. (Be sure to read Vulnerability in Business from September 12, 2019) This is so important for your business success but here’s the other piece that balances that need – you need to find a trusted source partner. Having that truly safe space to collaborate is empowering and gives way to some beautiful ideas that you would not have otherwise even considered doing. Trust me! This is why I now have a YouTube Channel, online courses on my website and the Choose Your Path business packs. A few months ago I wouldn’t have even thought of doing any of that. I had only small thoughts of doing some online courses but nothing on the level that I have now with more in the works! This is the result of a lot of collaboration on a deep level with another beautiful soul that was also searching for the right inspiration to motivate and fulfill what she needed for her business.

Even though we are in the same product business we have worked together and come out with soulful personal messages that resonate in our businesses. They are both inspirational masterpieces that are so unique for each of us. However, they were created, inspired, dreamed on and formed through hours,days, weeks and months of labor together. Who ever says two people in the same direct sales business cannot work together is incredibly wrong and shortsighted. Neither of us is concerned about losing customers to one another or stealing one another’s ideas. It is a trusting circle that is sacred and powerful where two beautiful souls have found inspirational support in one another.

Too often as women we can’t have those types of connections with one another. We don’t allow them to get this deep even with our friends. We are territorial and possessive. We are worried someone will steal what is ours and not give back. We are scared we will get hurt. It is true we could get hurt but there’s something more than hurt that is actually hurting us more without these connections. We are limiting our very own being with this scarcity mindset and inability to open our souls to another. These limitations are deeply hurting us personally in spirit with lacking deep friendships as well as hurting our ability to have thriving businesses in direct sales.

Competition and Collaboration

On the surface we know the difference between competition and collaboration but too many of us in direct sales don’t know how to balance and blend these words to create those deep connections with another person. We instead stick more firmly to the competition side of our relationships and keep connections at a distance.

You can change that and trust me there are a lot of women out there craving friendships but are unsure how to form them. We have been taught through a lot of hurts in our own lives that we can’t immediately trust someone and there is always someone trying to take advantage of what we have. Yes there are people like that but there are also a lot more just lonely souls in this world. Realize for yourself who is in your very inner circle of trust and who really in your heart of heart knows you. That list is very small if even existent when it comes to women in your life.

Now consider how that would look in a business setting. You’re both in the same direct sales business and you both are just out there trying to grow your business. What if you combined forces? That is extremely uncomfortable to think about isn’t it?

However it can be successfully done and have such an impact on your life and your business. Take the initiative and search for this woman you share common ground with and explore the possibilities. Let it grow, manifest and give birth to wonderful creations. Being open to this changes from the harshness of competition to the warmness of collaboration. It’s where true business success can be found as well as soul deep connection to another that I know you want in your life. We all want that person we can turn to and share what’s going on, safely and securely find solutions for and lift one another up when there is a stumble.

As women we are nurturers and providers. We give so much of ourselves to our families and sacrifice of ourselves many times to provide for them. Yet, we keep other women at a distance out of fear and insecurity of being judged, taken advantage of or hurt. Women are 6 times more likely to report feeling depressed than men often because we limit our connections to one another in this way. It is so much more lighter to carry a heavy load when you have a spirit buddy by your side who truly understands what it is like being a women in your shoes. There are lots of us out there too just like you who would completely be overjoyed with that connection if only we were brave enough to allow it.

Interested in more?

I challenge you to cross the line. Initiate that connection to another woman and see what happens. If you are in direct sales I highly encourage you to open your perception about what is competition and who can really be that inspirational partner with you for true collaboration. They can be on the same team, different team, or completely different businesses but find it, nurture it and watch it flourish. Having a connection with someone who is boots on the ground like you in a business that is already challenging feels like a weight has been lifted off or is at least is easier to carry.

If you don’t have it and you want to work like this, you’re welcome to join us! We are so passionate about living life naturally on our terms and we are building a way for all of us to succeed. We are changing the mindset for what direct sales looks and feels like so more women like us can be successful and enjoy beautiful deep connections that fulfill us soulfully. Cross the line with us!

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