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December Natural News

Here we are among the tinsel and lights once again. The spirit of year end holidays broadly present in all our daily activities and conversations. This time of year can be busy but yet we disengage from a lot of other normal daily things to focus on the celebrations at hand. We look for the sparkle, twinkly special moments that make this time of year important in our hearts. We appreciate, reflect and preserve the innocence and newness this time of year promises.

We often say we wish the spirit of feelings that comes this time of year would carry us through the whole year. That experience of special, new, surprise, wonder and anticipation all bundled among colorful and happy, freeing feelings. We feel a high level of love and call for gratefulness that yes indeed it would be wonderful to feel every day of our lives. In many respects we can carry these tidings forward with us and some we need to save for just this time of year. Daily life after all does have to be attended to and sometimes the good times need to pause so we appreciate them more.

The beauty of this season for me is in the quiet moments I can be still. Those times when I can simply be with no obligation, chore or must-do list item quickening my step or taking over my thoughts. The moment when I can smile to myself in appreciation of where I am today and how I got here. The quiet time I can spend by myself reading or soaking in a hot tub just enjoying time and space. This feels luxurious to me and gives me that necessary downtime that I can’t ever seem to have enough of in my regular weeks.

It is during these times I can take stock of my life looking deep into what I am most proud of and what I wish had gone better. I can refocus my energy to what is ahead and align those visions with what is in my heart. None of us are fortune tellers that can see the future but setting intentions and aligning our soul to them gives us a renewed purpose and charge forward when that calendar flips to January. It’s like January is a magical start line we touch anew each year. But for now we enjoy those pleasurable peaceful moments of blissful solitude, rest and reflection.

What’s Ahead

All this month on the blog I’m sharing with you moments of reflection that I hope bring you a sense of peace and your own ability to reflect on what it means to live more naturally on your terms. Too often we can be easily swept up in the hustle and noise of the season and not feel like we can take the time to use this season for peaceful rest and reflection. That’s what I wish for you this month the most. Those moments of reflection you can hold in your heart as fond memories, encouragement and empowerment for moving forward in your own natural grace.

As in November this will be a short month for published posts on Dragonspit Apothecary as I take time to spend with family and friends and capture my own time to reflect and rest. I have already outlined what the posts will be for 2020 and am excited to bring a deeper look into what it means to live natural on a budget without compromising quality, safety or convenience. In January my blog will turn 2 and I’m looking forward to extending even more support to you for your natural health journey.

Take in the season and all its glory. Enjoy the excitement, anticipation and surprises but promise yourself you will also savor those moments of solitude and quiet for your soul. Take in the aromas of Frankincense and Myrrh and connect with your higher power on what is truly special and most precious in this life. Use that wisdom to move forward in your life and release what no longer serves you. I hope the blog posts I share with you this month help you in that process.

Living Natural in December

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