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December Natural News - SHINE

Given all all we have been through this year I look forward to holidays where we can shift focus to the more important matters in our life. The family, friends, loved ones and others we just enjoy and who lift our spirits when life wears us down. This year of course will be different for holidays as much of us still are distanced and restricted but I don’t know that to be a reason to take the sparkle of the holidays away. It of course can impact us and we may find ourselves with more quiet time than we ‘re used to but nonetheless still beautiful in its own way.

In thinking about this month’s theme I chose the word SHINE. Certainly the sparkle of decorations and things that make are hearts happy when we see them is important but SHINE has a deeper meaning. It refers to our inner most voice, the person deep inside us that we often shelter away for fear of being outcasted. It is the ability to step forward into our truth and person filled with grace for ourselves walking against the current to our own heartbeat. When we do this we are shining and we are living our best life most naturally because we feel like ourselves. We feel all the things we want to feel in completion and wholeness and this energy radiates from us.

When we SHINE we are at our best. We are confident, graceful, beautiful and wise. We know who we are, where we are going (mostly) and how we will embark on our journey. It is a state of being regardless of if those conditions are true or not. They can become more true by feeling this way because we have the endurance to explore them fully and create them into reality. SHINE refers to the light in our heart that shows on our face and is felt in our bones. It fills us with motivation and passion for knowing what is right in our life and meant for us. Fear fades away against the bright light of our own soul in the quest of accomplishing these things.

The other aspect of shining is how it impacts those around us. When we are happy and feel our best we attract others to us. They also feel our energy and feel better too. In this way happiness breeds happiness and we are all lifted up in the energy of our personal light we are letting SHINE. You know how you feel when you are around someone who is happy, positive, highly energized and motivated? It rubs off and soon you’re feeling it too without even realizing it. Your step if faster and you’re swept up into the flurry of energy that is triggering your own ability to also let a little bit of yourself out as well.

In a year when so much has been about conformity, restrictions, violence and chaos I think it is time we all were allowed the freedom to SHINE. It may only be a quiet light we let out but most often in life it is those little lights that start the energy current around the world. It is within us to change the world through this energy we all possess and use it for good to uplift all of humankind. The part in the holidays that wishes peace on Earth and goodwill to all mankind, that’s the stuff of letting your light come through to make those things possible. Each of us has a role in that.

When it comes to living more naturally, I think SHINE is a perfect description of what it feels like to live well naturally. We are aware of what is around us and we feel protective of the things that are supporting these good feelings we experience. There is a consciousness that opens our minds to hearing nature speak and honoring her needs along with our own. We become nature’s partner and work together for what is best for both of us instead of polluting her landscape and our own body. Our mind focuses on how to do better and in the process we experience transformation to experience this magnificent beauty in and around us.

This month I’m going to explore what it means to SHINE inside and out of our own being and how we can use that energy to live more naturally this month and well into the new year. While I believe wishes are important, we cannot make 2021 any better with just those alone. We must actively and engagingly participate in the process to make those changes occur in reality. It starts with the smallest of lights in our hearts to flicker and catch hold of us and all that we do. Letting that light SHINE around us is where community changes start to become the big changes our world so desperately needs after a year like 2020.

So this month my friend I invite you to identify and ignite your light to let it SHINE in who you are and the gifts you bring to this world. Not only will you benefit mentally, physically and spiritually but those around you will as well. That is the best way I know to make the most of this holiday season and give a gift that benefits many in the year to come.

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