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December News & Specials

December’s weather may not be warm at all where you are but nature is still there providing all that we need for our health and support. I love that when it comes to our health, nature has all these incredible options for us and leads us to exactly what we need.

From the ancient stories that are shared at this time of year we know that even the Baby Jesus was gifted with valuable items straight from nature. The same gifts of Frankincense and Myrrh received by Baby Jesus continue to be priceless when it comes to our health and lives today. These oils have incredible benefits that we can realize in our physical health, skin care, emotional needs and spirituality. They remain common staples used in homeopathic medicine treatments and natural medicine recipes as well.

It’s a great pleasure to help you on your natural health journey and share with you all that these wonderful essential oils can do for our health and well-being.

Merry Christmas!


What’s New?

December Posts

This month we will focus the blog on holiday support and how essential oils can help us through this time of year. We’ll also share our predictions for the coming new year and how you can make the most of that now.

Please note that our last post for 2018 will appear on December 14. We are taking some much needed time away from the keyboard to spend with family and enjoy this season. We have some terrific posts already scheduled for the new year and are looking forward to continuing to share with you all kinds of incredible information about essential oils and natural well-being in the coming months.

New Products

This month we have available the much anticipated Yarrow/POM!

The rumors are true when it comes to this oil. It is really as good as all that. This is the go-to oil for skin support, wrinkle management and hormonal balancing. I am loving the results I have seen from this powerful oil.

What’s even cooler?

This oil comes in a 30ml bottle with a dopper top. That is twice the size of our normal oils!

yarrow pom 2

December Deals

On Sale

This month you can get the wonderful hearty Arborvitae oil for and extra 10% off. That is 35% off for wholesale customers!

If you’ve not used this oil and wonder what it’s good for check out the blog post I did on it a couple months ago. There are lots of health supportive benefits from this oil as well as some great diffuser blends to use with it during the holidays.

Products of the Month

Of all the products of the month that come in a year from doTERRA and I love all of them, this month is my favorite.

First for any 125PV order you receive a free 5ml of Holiday Joy. This is a wonderful holiday oil full of all the scents you can imagine when you think of this time of year. It is uplifting and inviting so we can take it all in and enjoy even the loud crazy moments this season.

There’s a second product of the month this month that is incredible to be able to get for free. With every 200PV order you receive a free 15ml bottle of Frankincense! You also get the 5ml Holiday Joy!

Frankincense is the King of Oils and also a more expensive oil so it’s incredible when you can pick it up for free. There is a saying among oil users that is so true. When it doubt, apply Frankincense. This oil is so versatile and supportive for health that I cannot think of another oil with as much benefits. Be sure to get your free Frankincense this month. (I have a blog post coming out this month dedicated to why this is such a great oil too!)

All orders on LRP receive a free limited edition 2018 doTERRA Holiday Ornament that can be scented with essential oils and placed on your tree or elsewhere to enjoy the scents of the season.

December Education & Events

December 12 Days of Natural Health Christmas Gifts – Starting Monday December 3 I am giving away 12 days of gifts! Simply like our Facebook page ( and find the Christmas Tree post. Like, share and comment on it and you are entered!

Gifts include aromatouch massages, essential oils, reference books, lava bracelets and more!

December 8 Yoga Infused Oil Class – We are going to explore the mind-body connection through light yoga practice that includes aromatic essential oil experiences targeted to support specific feelings and support needs. This class is free but you must register.

December 15 Camden Holiday MarketCome see us at the Camden Holiday Market! We will be doing a bath salt and sugar scrub custom gift for purchase, you can try out and get information about doTERRA essential oils and even get a divine chair massage! Pampering luxury – now that’s what I call holiday shopping!

Let us know you’re coming and be entered into a drawing:

December 16 Holiday Make & Take Class – Join us for an afternoon of fun making roller ball bottles for the holidays! This is an invitation only class from 1-3PM at the Camden Wellness Center. Invitation requested so we can make sure we have enough supplies but it’s super easy to get included! Simply outreach to me via email and I’ll get you in. Simple, easy and fun!

January 5 -18 New Year Cleanse Support GroupIf you intend to set a resolution associated with your health, losing weight or dieting, then this group is for you! Start your new year off with a natural cleanse that is healthy for your body and starts you off on the right path.

January 12 Lava Bracelet Class – This class will be hosted at the Hobby Lobby located at 7816 Charlotte Highway Indian Land, SC. Each participant will make a lava bracelet and have a selection of oil blends they can try on it. We will talk about how quality essential oils delivery benefits to our bodies through lava beads as we wear them. There is a $15 charge to cover the materials and oils used in this class.

Oil Camps – All new customers are automatically provided with a at-your-pace access to Oil Camps 1 and 2 as well as a series on Emotional Health. These camps provide you with information as a new oil user to use your oils safely, learn about fun ways they can support your health and access to our favorite tips. These are professionally made training materials that are completely free to my existing and new customers.

doTERRA Living Magazine

The latest edition of the doTERRA magazine is now available online! Inside you will find some great information about the new products that are available as well as the tips, recipes and information you’ve come to enjoy in this publication. Enjoy browsing online and then enroll with me to start getting this lovely publication in your mailbox!

New Member Savings

All these sales and freebie options means it’s a fantastic opportunity to start a natural health journey AND save money doing it. We can no longer say natural costs more!

Here are my recommendations for how you can maximize savings this month:

Option 1: Frank & Joy

This is such a savvy way to start your transformation to natural health. Frankincense is expensive ($93 retail) so to be able to get this oil free and a free Holiday Joy oil is quite well over $100 in savings right away.When you add in the savings from this option it is over the top!

Select Become a Member at

Select the Home Essentials Kit – $275

Total Cost: $275

Savings: $229.25 55% off!


  1. $86.25 in savings on the Home Essentials Kit

  2. Free 1 year Wholesale Membership

  3. $93 bottle of Frankincense

  4. Free 5ml Holiday Joy

  5. Free Wellness Consultation ($45 value)

  6. Free The Essential Life reference book ($22 value) -with LRP setup for January

Option 2: Simple Start

This option is ideal for the person wanting a smaller set of oils to start with and customize the experience for their own needs. This month is also contains the free Holiday Joy oil.

In this option I recommend:

Select the Aromatouch Diffused Kit OR Family Essentials Kit – $150

Total Cost: $150

Savings: $303.50 49% off


  1. $32 savings on Aromatouch kit or $36.50 savings on Family Essentials

  2. Free 1 year Wholesale Membership

  3. Free 5ml Holiday Joy

  4. Free Wellness Consultation ($45 value)

  5. Free The Essential Life reference book ($22 value) – with LRP setup for December

Interested in more?

If you’re interested in doTERRA’s oils and products and are not currently working with anyone, please let me know. I’m happy to help you and answer any questions you have so that you get the right products for your needs.

If you are ready to start using natural products to support and enhance your health, I recommend considering doTERRA. Their products are carefully curated and crafted to be 100% pure with no added chemicals, fillers or synthetics. I’m happy to help with any questions you have to help you can make the right choice for you and your family.

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