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December News & Specials

December’s weather may not be warm at all where you are but nature is still there providing all that we need for our health and support. I love that when it comes to our health, nature has all these incredible options for us and leads us to exactly what we need.

From the ancient stories that are shared at this time of year we know that even the Baby Jesus was gifted with valuable items straight from nature. The same gifts of Frankincense and Myrrh received by Baby Jesus continue to be priceless when it comes to our health and lives today. These oils have incredible benefits that we can realize in our physical health, skin care, emotional needs and spirituality. They remain common staples used in homeopathic medicine treatments and natural medicine recipes as well.

It’s a great pleasure to help you on your natural health journey and share with you all that these wonderful essential oils can do for our health and well-being.

Merry Christmas!


What’s New?

December Posts

This month we will focus the blog on holiday support and how essential oils can help us through this time of year. We’ll also share our predictions for the coming new year and how you can make the most of that now.

Please note that our last post for 2018 will appear on December 14. We are taking some much needed time away from the keyboard to spend with family and enjoy this season. We have some terrific posts already scheduled for the new year and are looking forward to continuing to share with you all kinds of incredible information about essential oils and natural well-being in the coming months.

New Products

This month we have available the much anticipated Yarrow/POM!

The rumors are true when it comes to this oil. It is really as good as all that. This is the go-to oil for skin support, wrinkle management and hormonal balancing. I am loving the results I have seen from this powerful oil.

What’s even cooler?

This oil comes in a 30ml bottle with a dopper top. That is twice the size of our normal oils!

yarrow pom 2