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Don't Ask Everyone

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

You know how you find a chic new brand of clothing or handbag and you absolutely adore their style and no one else has anything like it? Everyone notices it and it’s a bit fun to withhold where you found that fabulous outfit or that gorgeous handbag. It makes you feel special and that you are on the cusp of new trends that others haven’t caught up to yet. Hopefully, that little secret stays for a while but sooner or later you can count on others finding out about it and all of a sudden what was once unique is now worn by everyone. You literally see it everywhere!

Coach and Michael K. handbags are a perfect example. Once upon a time these two handbag giants were exclusive and high end. Only the elite had access to them and could afford one of their bags. It was luxurious it walk into their stores and you felt special for being able to be there and over the moon excited to walk out with one of their shopping bags. I remember years ago walking into a Coach store on Madison Avenue in New York City and feeling like a super star. It was beautiful store with someone who offered me champagne while I shopped and offered to bring me any bag I wanted to check out. They had mirrors you could see how the bag looked on you. It was truly a wonderful experience. I remember walking out of that store with a shopping bag with a beautiful little bag neatly wrapped in soft tissue paper. I was feeling extremely treated and special. Today that store is closed. You can find both brands at outlet malls and everyone carries these types of bags. I actually found a Michael K bag at the local thrift store recently that still had the tags on it! Sadly the exclusivity and uniqueness is gone.

When you ask every single person you know and meet to join your team you are impacting your direct sales business in a negative way. Long term this approach will hurt your growth potential and lessen the value of your personal brand. People will likely start avoiding you and you won’t even get to see the handbag peak of success before your business is found in the discount bins if it is even still operating. You have single handed closed your own store by making it open to everyone.

Elite and Exclusive

To attract others who are interested in building a small business in direct sales you need to create an exclusivity in that opportunity that is truly on the VIP level. This needs to be so incredible of an opportunity that is not offered to everyone! You cannot open the doors to everyone and expect the high end exclusivity of being a luxury brand.

Creating this level of exclusive elite creates curiosity and interest that is genuine. People will even approach you asking how to join. They want in on something that no one else is doing or has going. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone actually approached you and said they wanted to enroll and build a business? When you have an exclusive offer to your business model and are doing more than just looking for warm bodies you are able to attract the people who actually want to build this type of small business and be curious about yours.

It’s ok to tell people no! I know very well when you are small and just trying to get some form of business going that is a difficult decision. However, when you become selective about who you let in you start forming the actual team you want to work with and who you really want to have as part of your success story.


I equate attraction of key people to your team to that of a job interview. You are looking for the ideal and best candidates to fill key positions in your structure. You want certain personalities, drive, skills and strengths in that person. You want someone you can count on and that is serious about taking their dream into a reality even when it gets super hard and challenging.

Before you just sign up everyone, stop and learn about that person. Find what makes them tick and what they really are seeking by pursuing this opportunity. Are they the type of person you will enjoy working shoulder to shoulder with for the long haul? They are going to have their own small business but they will be tied to you from that point forward so please stop a moment and think through if it is the right fit.

It can be challenging to tell someone no but I promise in the long run you’ll be doing both of you a favor. Perhaps it wasn’t a good fit for you or them and you avoid a bunch of hurt feelings and business impact. At the end of the day everyone you bring in as a builder becomes part of your organization. Do you trust that person to represent the image, brand and service that you are promoting about your business? Can you count on them to have strategies in their business that are a good reflection of the culture and service you want to deliver to others?

What to Look For

To find the ideal person to join your team start with a list of desired characteristics and personality traits you believe are the perfect fit. Consider the culture of your team and how you want that to function.

This is my own list:

Must be self-motivated

Must enjoy challenges

Is open to collaboration with others

Enjoys healthy competition that is motivational and inspiring

Has a positive outlook and attitude

Promotes creativity and inspiring new ideas

Is dependableIs accountable

Has a friendly approach and style

Can easily start conversations and make introductions

Wants and knows there is something more in life than a 9 to 5 job

Isn’t looking for a side job

Has known hard times and is a survivor

Is determined and committed

Is present

Shows up on time or even a little early

Is curious and open to learning new things

Cares about others outside their own circle

Wants to build a better life and world and really means that

Brings something to the table in terms of skills, desire, commitment and strengths

This is what I look for when I’m getting to know people to see if they would fit on my team. If they meet the majority of these items I’m starting that conversation to learn more. I’m asking questions to find out who they are, what their dreams are and if this is a match. If I start hearing negative stories, hard times that they gave up in and gossiping about people I know this isn’t the person for my team.

Interested in more?

Taking your time and finding the ideal builders is one of the best strategies you can employ for your small business. Yes it can take longer but long term you will never regret taking the time to make sure it is a fit for everyone.

If you have questions or would like more information please reach out!

Contact me!

If you’re a person who meets the majority of the list and are looking to join others just like that in building a small business please join us! Check out our incredible business packs with all you need to get started successfully!

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