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Don't Ask Everyone

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Posted on August 27, 2019 by dragonspitapothecary

You know how you find a chic new brand of clothing or handbag and you absolutely adore their style and no one else has anything like it? Everyone notices it and it’s a bit fun to withhold where you found that fabulous outfit or that gorgeous handbag. It makes you feel special and that you are on the cusp of new trends that others haven’t caught up to yet. Hopefully, that little secret stays for a while but sooner or later you can count on others finding out about it and all of a sudden what was once unique is now worn by everyone. You literally see it everywhere!

Coach and Michael K. handbags are a perfect example. Once upon a time these two handbag giants were exclusive and high end. Only the elite had access to them and could afford one of their bags. It was luxurious it walk into their stores and you felt special for being able to be there and over the moon excited to walk out with one of their shopping bags. I remember years ago walking into a Coach store on Madison Avenue in New York City and feeling like a super star. It was beautiful store with someone who offered me champagne while I shopped and offered to bring me any bag I wanted to check out. They had mirrors you could see how the bag looked on you. It was truly a wonderful experience. I remember walking out of that store with a shopping bag with a beautiful little bag neatly wrapped in soft tissue paper. I was feeling extremely treated and special. Today that store is closed. You can find both brands at outlet malls and everyone carries these types of bags. I actually found a Michael K bag at the local thrift store recently that still had the tags on it! Sadly the exclusivity and uniqueness is gone.

When you ask every single person you know and meet to join your team you are impacting your direct sales business in a negative way. Long term this approach will hurt your growth potential and lessen the value of your personal brand. People will likely start avoiding you and you won’t even get to see the handbag peak of success before your business is found in the discount bins if it is even still operating. You have single handed closed your own store by making it open to everyone.

Elite and Exclusive

To attract others who are interested in building a small business in direct sales you need to create an exclusivity in that opportunity that is truly on the VIP level. This needs to be so incredible of an opportunity that is not offered to everyone! You cannot open the doors to everyone and expect the high end exclusivity of being a luxury brand.

Creating this level of exclusive elite creates curiosity and interest that is genuine. People will even approach you asking how to join. They want in on something that no one else is doing or has going. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone actually approached you and said they wanted to enroll and build a business? When you have an exclusive offer to your business model and are doing more than just looking for warm bo