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Fare Thee Well Summer

I really hate to see Summer wind down. There are lots of people who welcome Fall with the cooler temps, pumpkin flavored everything and change in seasonal colors. These are nice and I don’t necessary mind them but there is just something about Summer for me. I have in fact struggled to write this post for a couple months now out of pure dread that I would simply have to acknowledge Summer is going to gone soon.

As we wind down though and welcome the new season, there are changes we will be making in our home and health routines to adjust to this new time of the year. Any time we change something in our lives, like time changes in several parts of the country, seasons, or routines our lives can become turbulent for a while. When this occurs, we may find ourselves short tempered, frustrated or challenged to best accommodate these changes.


Fall gives us an ideal time to shift gears and look at our routines, health care and home management systems to see if there are changes we can include to make these seasonal changes more smooth for us and our families.

Here are some tips for making this transition with a base of essential oils and natural products.


When seasons change to cooler temps we are more susceptible to illness, colds and other ailments.  Fall is a great time to start boosting your immunity in protection of these germs and viruses.

  1. Start a daily application of OnGuard to the feet for everyone in the household

  2. Use OnGuard Concentrate Cleaner to wipe down door knobs, light switches, remotes and other frequently touched items

  3. Change air filters and add a couple drops of Melaleuca to the new air filter to control dust, danger and other allergens