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February Natural News

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

February is 29 short days of blustery winds and dark days but has one quality that no other month shares. Namely it’s association with red paper hearts and sweet notes of endearment so many of us express to those we love at this time of year.

While its important to tell the ones we love how much we care regularly it is also important to tell ourselves that too. More than just sharing those messages we need to demonstrate it to ourselves by taking actions that support these messages. That’s why this month we’re going to focus on our physical health and love of our bodies, regardless of its shape or size. We’re going to delve into what it takes to introduce love for our physical bodies and make changes that support our health and wellness. If you haven’t read the January posts about self-love, please go back and review those as they will be a platform of where we start this month’s posts.

February Education and Events

Coffee Chat

Saturday, February 2 at 9:00AM, please join me for an open question and discussion of any topic you choose! Ask questions you have about the oils, doTERRA or anything else on your mind! There is no obligation to purchase a thing. Simply click this link to join and let’s enjoy a cup of coffee on a Saturday morning.

Natural Weight Loss Club

This group focuses on how we can apply this month’s blog posts into a realistic weight loss and management plan. Join us and share your success stories, challenges and best advice.

Customized Classes

Curious about natural living and essential oils but want to learn about it on your turf and schedule? I’m happy to teach a customized topic of interest to you online or in person!

Simply select your preferred date and time at

Oil Camps

All new customers are automatically provided with at-your-pace access to Oil Camps 1 and 2 as well as a series on Emotional Health. These camps provide you with information as a new oil user to use your oils safely, learn about fun ways they can support your health and access to our favorite tips. These are professionally made training materials that are completely free to my existing and new customers.

doTERRA Living Magazine

The latest edition of the doTERRA Living Magazine can be viewed online!

February Specials

On Sale

Receive an extra 10% off the aromatic emotional support oil Passion! This oil is the oil of inspiration. It supports several emotional and physical concerns including depression, low energy, mental fog, memory, and low libido!

Set this oil in a diffuser for a sensual support experience!

This oil can also be applied to the neck and wrists to be worn as a pretty and energizing perfume.

Savings Notes:

To take advantage of this sale, simply add the 5ml Passion oil to your loyalty or standard order this month. On the loyalty order you will receive points back on the purchase. The discount will appear in the cart.


New customers can still get the free Red Mandarin and Serenity with their first order! This special is extended until February 15!

These oils are fantastic at supporting rest and rejuvenation and are a great way to enjoy the emotional and physical benefits of essential oils as a new user.

Savings Notes:

Placing a first time order as a new customer automatically enables you to receive these two oils in your cart. The savings are $55 for both oils.

Free Product of the Month

Lavender Touch is a wonderful oil to have on hand for February love! Enjoy the calming, soothing effects of applying this oil to your feet, neck, wrists and heart center.

Savings Notes:

This product of the month is free for all loyalty orders placed by February 15 with 125PV or more.

Existing Customer February Order

As an existing customer of mine this is what I would recommend to capitalize on the savings available this month. Setup your loyalty order and earn points on this order. If you need help doing that please reach out to me. Here’s a great example of how to capitalize on the savings this month!

This order needs to be placed by February 15 if you want to take advantage of the savings outlined in this option. On your loyalty reward order (purple online button) – select these recommended products:

  1. Passion 5ml (34PV)

  2. LLV supplements (60PV)

  3. PB Assist+ (10PV)

  4. TerraZyme (10PV)

  5. Lemon (11PV)


  1. Be sure to select the $3.99 shipping option (earning you 4 points back)

  2. Free Lavender Touch ($15 value)

  3. $3.78 off Passion

  4. 25% off retail pricing on products selected

  5. Additional $10 off both TerraZyme and PB Assist+ when added to LLV selection

Points Earned:

This loyalty order would earn you 16.50 – 41.50 depending on what percentage you are currently at. Those points can be used for any item of your choosing and will appear on your account in March.

New Customer Savings Strategies

As a new customer there are some very good ways to get a nice variety of natural products and oils to start with and have what you need to experience and experiment.

Option 1: New Love

Click Here:

Here’s what you save and get:

  1. Free Red Mandarin and Serenity value $55

  2. $86.25 saved off the Home Essentials Set with Diffuser

  3. $3.78 off Passion

  4. $35 initial membership fee waived

  5. Wellness consultation

  6. Oil Camps 1 & 2

  7. The Essential Life book after initial Loyalty Rewards order

Total Savings = 57%

Option 2: New Start

Click Here:

Here’s what you save and get:

  1. Free Red Mandarin $28 value

  2. $32 saved off the AromaTouch set with Fractionated Coconut Oil and Diffuser

  3. $3.78 off Passion

  4. $35 initial membership fee waived

  5. Oil Camps 1 & 2

  6. Wellness consultation

  7. The Essential Life book after initial Loyalty Rewards order

Total Savings = 56%

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