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Finding Luxury in Our Work

I didn’t exactly have a plan when I started building Dragonspit Apothecary. It was really more of let’s see where this goes concept that was in my head at that time. I was curious which means I was deeply burned out from my career and seeking relief. I wanted something different because my soul was in dire need of a place where I could be creative, rebuild my confidence and see what else was out there when it came to work. There was an exhaustion and dread so big in my heart when it came to work that I just didn’t know how I was going to make it to retirement anymore. Feeling as I did then, I just really never imagined how deeply this would all come to mean to me. My very sanity, creative spirit and true self poured into a small business known as Dragonspit Apothecary.

It’s truly wonderful to see someone so inspired by the possible. There is a lot of bravery needed in that moment. If it were a movie we’d be rallying for them, their success and the victory. While there are a lot of odds against them we still cheer and just know they are going to make it. That feeling of being the underdog with a mountain of challenges in front of you but going for it anyway, and getting up time and again to try again is what it is like to have your own business. We don’t give up even when we desperately want to and don’t believe there is anything left to give. We don’t because we now there is something better out there and we’re willing to go on this crazy journey to seek it. The unicorn of work where our schedule is our own, money is good and we have success in the palm of our hand.

The moving of mountains to make a dream come true is not just the stuff of movies. When I suggest to someone they should take the chance of building their own business, most people scoff and laugh at me. When they see me doing it they also think I’m insane. Who has time for that? They say to me, “Amy you have a family and a full time career how are you doing this!?” Who has the energy to be out chasing some crazy idea like that when we have important things to do. Unlike the movies it can seem there are a lot less cheers in the background as you face these mountains but there is a burning light within me that doesn’t care, I’m going for it anyway.

What I have realized in my own journey doing this is that once you get past the noise of your life you realize you do have a lot of time for the really important stuff. Not the stuff people tell you is important but the really important stuff to you. That is where the luxury of work is also found because you can use that space to create. In my opinion, it is in this very space where the birth of many great inventions have occurred by every day people like you and me. It is where we know honoring our own soul’s creativity and imagination come alive. If we don’t give up on it this is where we can turn work into things that make our heart sing every day.

I found the time in a busy lifestyle of balancing family and career to build my own business and it does quite well. No it is not always easy but it can be done and there is a luxury to it. When I see extra money rolling in to the family budget because of sales it is a celebration. When I have a bad day in my day job I can look at Dragonspit Apothecary and still smile. I have something of my own that is a place for creativity while making money. One day it is entirely possible to have this turn into what I do every day. Can you imagine getting to do something you enjoy on that level? The thing that makes you not care what day of the week it is or when Friday is coming? The work that generates income to pay your bills and live comfortable without a boss telling you there is no money for raises this year?

I can.

The biggest thing I have learned about living natural when it comes to work is it invites us to reclaim and pursue our dreams. The very things that light our soul afire with passion for doing something great in the world. The dreams we had as a child to grow up and be something we admired. The dream we had to turn a hobby into a career and have it actually pay. The inspiration and courage to take a risk and try something new. Dreams are a luxury we as busy, overwhelmed and stressed out adults don’t allow ourselves to experience very often and that’s where the noise around us wins most days. It holds us where we are too tired and afraid with thoughts it could never work anyway so why try.

I say we all deserve luxury in our life. We all deserve to feel our best and so full of energy for what today holds we are about to burst. Luxury in living and work is not about how much money we have but rather how we much energy we let flow into our life that fills us with happiness and makes us feel great! It may look like selling products on the side of a full time busy career and family life but trust me there is so much more behind it.

Are you ready to have luxury in your work?

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