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Finding the Right Natural Luxury

Here’s the thing, everyone will try to sell you something all the time. It is not always a matter of it being right for you or even the right time to buy but rather if they can get you to buy it right now. The game is often the sale and not you. We are all aware of this too but in the moment, we get caught up. We let go our own needs and and wants to listen to what someone is telling us we need. Yes they are saying the right words about what’s going on in our life as if they truly understand. Yes they know we’re struggling but this will help. That little encouragement that someone gets us and what they are offering is the fix. So we indulge ourselves with the purchase only to end up with buyer’s remorse.

Sometimes it is easier to let someone else make the decision. We are tired and overwhelmed and make decisions all the time. We still want to be in control of course but having someone guide us to what is recommended for our particular need or problem sounds helpful. It is one less thing we need to figure out, do and decide on. They look trustworthy enough. Maybe they are. The trouble comes when what is recommended is one of those one sized fits mosts items. It is what most people are satisfied with so why wouldn’t it work for us too?

Most of us are super busy with life. We work a lot of hours each week while trying to balance raising children, taking care of our homes, paying our bills and more. We go all the time. There is always something to do and we’re late getting it done. It feels like constant stress so when someone offers to help us by saying they can make life easier or one of our problems go away we tune in. Why wouldn’t I want that? It would be one less thing to worry and stress about. I could gain some time back to deal with something else. Sounds great! We are looking for some convenience and ways to make life simpler but the very truth of it is we own what that looks like. There is not a product existing that can create it either.

In reality what happens is we end up with things that at first seem like they are more comfortable and our problems are easier but that is short lived. Soon after the bill for that new thing arrives or what we were dealing with before in problems came back up again. Yet we are more comfortable aren’t we? We’re doing what everyone is doing and they’re making it work. Why can’t we?

The truth of the matter is the work to change our life starts with us making the choice to change it. Applying things like adhesive bandages only keeps us going on a track that wasn’t working that well for us anyway probably. When we choose to change how we’re living and what we’re doing then things start to be realized for what they are and how they work in our life. It is at this point we begin to recognize our own needs and how to fill those with what really works for us, individually, uniquely us. Amazingly, we also find products that fit exactly what we need and they work well.

It isn’t that we don’t deserve, desire or even need luxury items because we do. It is just the type of luxury items we often think will fit that need is not what we really need. Those things that are mass produced and limited to those brave enough to make all those payments to say they own are not the luxury that fills our soul most of the time. It takes some time to really understand that I think but it is almost an awakening when we get there. Real luxury is a mindset. It is natural and doesn’t come with a price tag that costs money.

The right natural luxury for each of us comes from how we feel every day. It is our outlook, worldview and even our dreams. It represents our truest self form in all that we really truly want in this life and what we are capable of manifesting if we let go of what holds us back. It is wild freedom beyond what any of us could imagine because it unleashes our very creativity and spirit for creating the life we really truly want to be living. Think about it! When you picture your ideal perfect day or life, it usually is a unique vision to you. It is custom to what you really want that makes you happy. Often that has little to do with physical things we own when you go beyond the surface.

Obtaining natural luxury is the work of letting go our own limiting beliefs and starting to let our heart lead us forward. It is allowing the dream we had to do something great in this world manifest. It means being brave enough to be seen for who we really are and being open enough to accept we are enough. From that point on it doesn’t mean life will always be easy but it will be a lot more comfortable and intentional. It will be natural and custom to us. Life will be exactly what we create it to be. We no longer see what someone is trying to sell us and instead see what it is exactly we need and how to get it. It is the ultimate consumer buying experience because everything becomes custom to our needs.

Living your dreams is a true luxury not many of us allow ourselves to experience. We are afraid of what it will cost us in terms of security, acceptance and even success. We tell ourselves it is impractical and impossible so why bother and yet luxury living is often right within our grasp. We give up before we realize how possible it is to live on our terms. Just by changing our mindset, setting our heart free to dream and being brave enough to try it natural luxury comes to us. We see everything differently and what was once gray now is vibrant. We see opportunity. We feel comfortable in our own skin confident we can create the life of our dreams. That is living naturally well in luxury.

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